Kamis, 22 Desember 2011

The story of Russian brides existance

<p>As the times of communist came to an end and the former USSR people could communicate with Westerners, Russian women got a chance they've never had before – to go abroad. Some time later the foreign men realized that the Russian women are ideal for a family. The <a href=http://www.oksanalove.com>Russian bride</a> became a beautiful dream for American and Europeean men,  the standard among brides of all over the world. What attracts actually attracts them</p>

<p>Well is more simple than it seems to be: the emancipation in the West has changed social and spiritual values. So if the woman is considered to be a saver of home and the housewife, today for the American woman on the first place - career,  children and the husband are on the second place. These girls will not worry concerning their appearance, convenience of clothes is now a priority for them – not beauty. They are self-assured and perceive men as equal in rights partners both in family, and in business, though sometimes (I've heard about not once) they even take advantage of men.</p>

<p>In turn,  <a href=http://www.oksanalove.com>Russian brides</a> are much less exacting, and very much frequently a limit of dream for many of them is the teetotal husband and fed children. They have time to work, successfully to conduct facilities and they always look good. And, at last, the most important and a weighty argument for the benefit of Russian brides - good formation and high intelligence facilitating adaptation in the unfamiliar country and quite often causing pride at their Western husbands.</p>

<p>Such unique combination of qualities appeared to be so appreciable, that has caused huge interest on the part of single men of USA and the Western Europe. Such marriages for a long time were considered to be something outstanding and finally the reasons to search the beloved ones were found for Russian women. One of the reasons - a demographic situation in the CIS: the quantity of women is much higher than men, and the «quality» of Russian men, who actually take all the action of the wife for the benefit of family as for granted. One more reason - <a href=http://www.oksanalove.com>Russian bride</a> aspires to provide to herself and children comfortable conditions of life to get access to "clever" medicine, to live bright and high-grade life, freely to travel and to not reflect on household problems - and in it there is nothing immoral and unnatural. Well, of course, worthy men and women are everywhere - and in the CIS, and abroad.</p>

<p>In the present world conditions the modern woman should choose not to an attribute "ours - not ours", but to much more essential attributes. Usually it is purposefulness and magnanimity, attention, fidelity and diligence, ability and desire the sense of humour and natural charm, the quivering attitude to the woman, children and the house is good to look at any age, to take care of relatives - these qualities Russian brides search for ability and find in the foreign gentlemen.</p>

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