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Why Marijuana Should be Legal

Many Americans feel that Marijuana is helping fund the war on terror, but making a war on drugs and keeping Marijuana illegal has not stopped millions of Americans from smoking pot everyday. So what is the answer?

First, why is Marijuana illegal? In the 1930's William Randolph Hearst, who had significant financial interests in the timber industry testified to congress on the evils of marijuana, saying things like it make people insane and commit acts of cannibalism? at this time very few even knew what it was and to stop people from going insane Congress decided to make it illegal.

The truth is many paper manufacturers were thinking of changing from using trees to make paper to using hemp because it was cheaper and easier to grow and better for the environment, and Hearst stood to loose millions so he used his influence and testimony to help get marijuana banned in the USA.

So now that we know why it was made illegal, we can realize that not only would making it legal in the United States stop terrorist from smuggling it into the USA, but would give us another option to cutting down of millions of trees every year for paper products that can be made better from hemp.

Hemp has thousands of uses that we are unable to exploit because of its illegal status.

During WWII hemp was used for the rigging on parachutes as well as rope and material for uniforms.

Nowadays Marijuana can be used to relieve pain and some of the effect of cancer treatments and old age.

It has been proven to slow down the spreading of Alzheimer's, relieve the pressure behind the eyes from glaucoma. It also helps relieve migraine headaches and the side effect of cancer treatment.

But until the United States realizes how much money can be made from legalizing it, it will remain illegal.

This is much like the situation with online casinos in the USA. America was sending billions of dollars out of the country and the government needed to do something to keep the money here, so they banned Online Casino and just like online casinos and online gambling I believe one day the government will learn to take advantage of these things instead of just banning them.

Eventually the USA will realize that the best way to stop the flow of money out of the country is not to ban marijuana or online casinos, but to enter the market and compete.

If the USA did what Amsterdam has done the government would make not only billions in Taxes from the sales of Marijuana, but the economy would boom from all the tourism that it would bring in from all over the world.

The truth of the matter is that legalization is inevitable. The attitude of people has changed so drastically over the last 30 years, that eventually when the younger generations start to take over marijuana will eventually become legal because they understand the truth, and that is banning something only makes the market for it stronger.

Senin, 30 Mei 2011

Thrifty Tips For Buying Christmas Gifts

Being thrifty doesn’t mean becoming cheap. It’s simply a way to express your thoughtfulness and care to your loved ones this Christmas season without having to spend all of your savings. As the saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts.” Of course giving away something as tacky as a piece of candy is not being thrifty, it’s just plain cheap. To avoid being tagged as “Mr. or Ms. Scrooge without taste” this season, here are a few tips on how to give the perfect Christmas gift without breaking your piggy bank.

First, make a Christmas list. Write down the names of those who you want to give presents to and how much you’ll be willing to spend for a particular person. It would also help to write down some ideas so you’d have an easier time once you’re shopping. Bear in mind that you don’t have to give all of your acquaintances presents. Neighbors and officemates that you are not close with don’t necessarily have to be given gifts unless you have the extra budget to give them simple tokens. Make sure you remember to write down all the important people in your list.

Second, make homemade gifts. Most people love receiving homemade gifts, especially those that they can really use. Try to find out what they like so you can give them something they would like. For example, if your mom loves to cook, you can give her a self-compiled cookbook with all her favorite recipes and you can even include yours too. Their likes may vary so be aware of what you’ll be making for them.
Third, use your talents. If you’re good at something use it to your advantage to give something very special this Christmas. If you’re a photographer, take one-of-a-kind pictures of your family and have it framed. If you love to write, you can write poems or short stories. If you’re into music, you can compose a special song just for them. If you’re good at crafts, make jewelry or pretty boxes.

Fourth, equality. One similar gift to each person can also be a thrifty way to give Christmas gifts. Cookies or cakes are good choices as everyone can appreciate this and gain (a few calories) from it too.

Fifth, recycle. When wrapping up your Christmas presents you can use old newspapers. If you’re using newspapers, make sure that it doesn’t have any stains and that it hasn’t turned into a disgusting shade of yellow. You must also make sure that the content written on the newspaper is suitable for giving; you wouldn’t want any bad comments regarding your gifts.

Sixth, buy presents before the Christmas season. You can save up if you buy presents during sale season. It will save you from the hassle of standing for hours at a long line, arguing with someone over the last piece of an item that you both want and you won’t have to squeeze your way through hoards of people rushing to buy late Christmas gifts.

There are a lot of ways to be thrifty this Christmas season; you just have to be creative and patient. And don’t stress yourself too much about the presents; after all it’s Christmas.

Minggu, 29 Mei 2011

The Halloween Age Debate

Each year, those handing out candy are seeing older and older kids come knocking on their doors – often later at night, after the younger kids have already been by. This crowd is typically pre-teens or teens, and often without adult accompaniment. This on occasion leaves parents wondering how old is too old for Halloween.

The age debate

Seeing preschool and elementary-aged kids on Halloween is often a cute sight. They are dressed in adorable little costumes, and are obviously caught up in the excitement of the holiday. They often have mom or dad along with them, both to keep an eye on them and to snap the occasional picture. The older kids, on the other hand, are another thing entirely. They may or may not be in costume – or their version of a “costume” is to smear some fake blood on. Often without parental supervision, they roam the streets as a group late into the night.

Some parents may argue that there is no problem with this and the teens are merely having fun. However, it bears remembering that the teenager years are often a time of experimentation – and running around the streets at night unsupervised can lead to all sorts of activities. Even if drugs, alcohol, and sex aren't concerns, the fact of the matter is that few of these kids are going to look both ways when crossing the street or be wary of unsavory characters that might be lurking in the shadows. And it doesn't take much for the “mob mentality” to tempt even good kids to do something that they normally wouldn't do on Halloween night.

All in all, Halloween is a time for fun, costumes and lasting memories. If you warn them of the dangers and ensure that they are highly visible, with glow sticks and other similar reflectors, is often a good idea to allow your children to trick-or-treat at any age.

Choosing alternatives

Should you rather, alternatives to trick-or-treating do exist!

Does your child still want to dress up? Have him or her dress up and be in charge of handing out the candy to visitors coming to the door. You can then let him or her have the leftover candy at the end of the night (just make sure you have a bag left over).

Or, how about hosting your own Halloween party for your teen and his or her friends? They can then still get to hang out, dress in costumes, and eat themselves silly on candy – all in the safety of your own home. Your teenager may even enjoy decorating the house with a spooky theme. If having a dozen teens running around doesn't appeal to you, then you could also consider harvest parties at local churches, or doing another family activity like visiting haunted houses or hayrides.

While there is not an age limit on trick-or-treating, alternatives do exist and they allow Halloween to be a fun holiday for all ages. All you have to do is find some age appropriate activities that everyone can participate in

Sabtu, 28 Mei 2011

Online Survey: Gamers Prefer Roulette

Out of a survey conducted by Gambling Portal, 64% of all gamers prefer to play roulette and not poker, blackjack or even slots. Why?

One of the truly worthy games to play at a casino is roulette. It is not just the spinning of the wheel that gives it its class, but the fact that roulette is a game for true champions. Amateurs steer away from roulette leaving it only to the true gaming enthusiasts.

1) Excitement:
Gamers state that no other game they have played can match the thrill they feel after they have placed their individual bets and the wheel starts to spin and ball flies and jumps from one slot to another. They say that your heart jumps each time the ball collides with the wheel..

2) Simplicity:
In comparison to other games, roulette is simple to learn and simple to play. All you have to do is guess where the ball will come to rest when the wheel stops spinning. Even placing your bet is simple. You can either bet on a number, a row, a couple of rows, a column, a row of columns, a colour: black or red or even on odd or even numbers. To do this you do not need to memorize different hand systems like in poker, or calculate whether they will reach twenty-one like in blackjack. You pick a number or a section of numbers and if ball rests on the numbers you picked, you win.

3) Availability of Game Tables:
Unlike other table games where you sometimes have to wait for hours till a seat opens up for you, roulette table seat up to seven or nine players. There are even some larger tables that seat up to ten. In addition, since roulette is a fast action game, players rotate more often than say at a Texas Holdem match.

4) The Croupier:
Unlike other game tables, at roulette the croupier is an active component of the game. When they state out aloud, No More Bets, everyone sits back and waits. The croupier spins the wheel and he waits along with everyone else for the ball to roll down into the inside track and rest on a particular colour and number. Then, the croupier announces the number and hands out the winnings.

5) Coloured Chips:
To make it easier for you to track your chips amidst all the other chips, your chips are of a different colour than all the rest of the players. There is no other game that allows you this option. This means that you can track your chips super easily even if they are at the other end of the table.

6) No Cheating:
People try and cheat at all games. But in roulette, no one is allowed to keep his hands over the table until the croupier finishes handing out all the money won. Even the croupier himself keeps his hands away and uses a long stick to distribute the chips.

Out of all the different games, those you can bet on at a regular or online casino or at home and those you can play for fun on your home computer, gamers seek out and play roulette for all the of the above reasons. They think it is the game that has everything in all one package. They must know what they are talking about.

Jumat, 27 Mei 2011

Influence of Television on a Person

In the twenty first century technology is developing very fast. Advanced technological wonders still surprise us and make us wanting more and more comfort that they create. One of them is television that became popular all over the world now and there is no country, region or village where people don’t know what a TV is. It is also considered that Television has both advantages and disadvantages and for one it is very difficult to decide what to watch and if to watch at all. Certainly, television is the main source of information. Daily people listen and watch a short news sequence that provides us with the necessary information and keeps informed during the day. Also, no doubt, television is the way to entertain oneself, for it offers a variety of possibilities to have fun sitting on your couch and relaxing. Another way to capture people’s minds on a live TV screen is advertisement. Commercials have become inseparable part of broadcasting and live coverage. Even favorite movies are interrupted by short ad. Though commercials are what holds television together and there’s nobody who can prove this wrong. Besides there have to be some ways to show what lies on the shelves at supermarkets. When it comes to disadvantages one may prepare for a long story, but after all, despite these trifles we continue to do it, no matter what we are said.

It is harmful to stay in front of the TV for a long time. It spoils our eyes and health, doctors say. But the same thing happens when we read articles or interesting narrative essays for a long time. Same story with the computer, nothing harms our sight this much. As for the information that we constantly see on TV, it is a miracle how one can watch it without getting crazy. Indeed, if to watch three or more reality shows in a row it makes you at first confused than frustrated and then constantly unsatisfied and angry. It is also same story with movies. It is almost impossible to find a movie without blood spilling around and angry man fighting for God knows what. Of course a nice narrative essay can be put aside when something similar comes up. Now movies are rated, but who pays attention to that little geometric figure in the corner of your screen? As soon as movie is good, nobody cares to think about its influence on their children.

Television makes people physically inactive. It is impossible to stand up and go for a walk when your favorite soap opera is coming up. You leave everything undone and rush to see what happens next and stay glued to the screen till it’s over. Then another are another comes and you slowly but surely turn into a couch potato with health problems as in mental, as in physical field. What makes us glue ourselves to the TV screen and go to bed with a TV on? It’s quite time to break the habit and start reading something useful, for example, the article about harm and advantages of watching TV.

Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

Recognizing The Signs Of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse, or alcoholism, is a serious illness that often requires immediate treatment. Not everyone knows what to look for in terms of alcohol abuse, but the truth is that there are very definitive signs that can quickly confirm the need for treatment.

Many alcoholics drink because they are angry or sad, but often end up feeling guilty either while they are drinking or after the effects wear off. Emotional drinking is a very likely sign of alcohol abuse and should not be overlooked. If the feeling of needing to reduce the level of alcohol consumption begins to occur or when friends and family start to express their concern, it is often time to seek counseling for alcohol abuse.

A large number of alcoholics find themselves lying about their behavior, which is usually an indication of shame. This may be a clue that he/she knows their actions are excessive and they wish to hide it from those closest to them, which means that they realize their actions are unhealthy and there may be a good chance for recovery.

If alcohol becomes a way of dealing with stress, the drinker has an undeniable addiction. Stress is a part of everyday life and, if alcohol is how a person chooses to deal with that stress, drinking too will become an everyday activity. For this reason, anyone that drinks alcohol as a way of coping with stress should consider an alcohol abuse treatment program.

There is no universal definition for alcoholism because it masks itself in a variety of ways. For some, it involves a physical dependency on alcohol while others lose their control over how much they drink. For many, the use of alcohol continues with the knowledge that it harmful to their health. There are many reasons that alcoholism may occur, including links to hereditary genes, stress, the addictive nature of alcohol and even the family environment.

The good news is that alcoholism is treatable and, once the signs of alcohol abuse are noticed, a remedy can often begin immediately. Whether it be via an inpatient or outpatient care facility or simply the willingness to stop drinking with the support of family and friends, alcohol abuse can be a thing of the past. Regaining the control over a life that was once consumed by alcohol is not a process that can happen overnight, but it is one that will be worth the effort. The most important step in working toward a life that is free of alcohol is actually wanting that life.

This article is to be used for informational purposes only. The information contained herein is not intended to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice or recommendations regarding alcohol abuse. Before deciding on the most effective method of treatment, the patient must consult a licensed medical doctor for advice and/or to determine the best course of action for his/her individual situation.

Rabu, 25 Mei 2011

Innovative Program Empowers Women Cancer Survivors to Rediscover Their Inner and Outer Beauty

Beverly Kirkhart thought her life was over when her doctor delivered the news: "You have breast cancer." The diagnosis came after a painful divorce and the loss of her business, leaving her feeling as though she had hit rock-bottom. Between her personal setbacks and the debilitating effects of the disease and treatment, Kirkhart's self-esteem was shattered.

"One day, I looked in the mirror and thought, 'Who would love this?'" said Kirkhart. "I felt like a victim, unattractive and unloved, insignificant to myself and others."

Many cancer survivors feel they will never be the same. They cope daily with emotions like fear and anger, as well as body changes such as loss of a breast, change in skin color due to radiation, treatment-related hair loss and weight change. Tapping sources of inspiration and support, maintaining the activities of their daily life, and taking pride in their appearance can all help provide cancer survivors with an essential sense of normalcy and self-worth.

Kirkhart found renewed hope and self-confidence through journaling her experiences and feelings, which also helped her identify other strategies for sustaining a positive outlook and recognizing her inner beauty. Kirkhart is now sharing her inspirational message and practical advice with women across the country as co-creator of a new program designed to help breast cancer survivors reclaim their physical confidence and emotional well-being.

Along her journey, Kirkhart connected with Lisa Cole, a nationally recognized lingerie fitter and mastectomy form expert who presents lingerie fashion seminars throughout the United States; together, they created Mirror, Mirror On the Wall, How Do I Feel Underneath it All?™. The program is the first of its kind to include fashion advice combined with wellness and self-empowerment strategies to help cancer survivors rediscover their beauty from the inside out.

"Our program aims to help women rebuild their self-confidence, whether it's by choosing the right lingerie, keeping a journal of their experiences or working with their health care team to lessen the burden of treatment," said Cole.

Another critical element of the Mirror, Mirror program is the wellness discussion given by oncology nurse practitioner Jody Pelusi, PhD, FNP, AOCN, Arizona Oncology Associates, Sedona, Arizona, who provides strategies to help maintain not only physical but overall well-being while undergoing cancer treatment.

"My patients are often devastated by how they look and feel as a result of their cancer and its treatment, and I often counsel them on how to maintain a positive outlook and body image," said Pelusi. "For some of my patients, different treatment approaches, like oral chemotherapy, can have a positive impact by offering greater convenience and fewer severe side effects than intravenous therapy."

Selasa, 24 Mei 2011

Options for Halloween Fun

Halloween is a fun holiday for both kids and adults. It gives them to chance to dress up as a favorite character and eat tons of sweets. Plus, thanks to the commercialization of all holidays, there is always a variety of things to do during the month of October. Here is a look at some of the fun ways that you can celebrate the holiday.

Trick or treating

Perhaps one of the most time-honored tradition of Halloween, trick or treating can be fun for many children. What could be more exciting than dressing in a great Halloween costume and getting candy for it? Adults should always accompany the youngsters when they go out, and everyone should carry flashlights and stay in well-lit areas. Adults should also inspect the candy before allowing kids to eat it.

Due to safety concerns, some neighborhoods are setting assigned hours for trick or treating – or even doing it on Halloween afternoon instead of after dark. Sometimes local shopping centers will do trick or treating events at their stores as well for parents who prefer a public locale.

Haunted locations

For older children and adults, haunted houses can be a great source of fun for Halloween night. Some places will even have toned-down attractions for the younger ones. Call ahead to find out hours and pricing, as well as the age of admission for scarier attractions.

Some churches will have Halloween alternative activities planned that are open to the community. Often kid will wear costumes, and there may be other activities like face painting, apple bobbing, hayrides, costume contests, and more for a more family-friendly celebration of the holiday.

If you are lucky enough to live near an amusement park, you can find out whether or not they have any Halloween activities. Some will have special evening hours where you can come in costume, ride the rides, and hang out with various spooks and characters. There may also be stations set up where you can play games or receive treats. In general, these events are designed to be more silly than spooky.

Staying at home

There are also plenty of alternatives that you can do at home to celebrate Halloween. For instance, you could create your own haunted house and invite the neighborhood to stop by for a visit. Or, throw your own Halloween bash. Some party planners will choose a special theme for the evening, while others will simply go with the traditional Halloween icons. Costumes are a must, of course, and you can have your own games and activities tailored to the specific age group attending.

If you would rather just spend a quiet evening at home, you could consider renting some of your favorite Halloween flicks. A bowl of popcorn and your favorite Halloween candy and you are set for a quiet evening at home.

There are plenty of ways that you can choose to celebrate the Halloween holiday. A costume, some candy, and a little holiday magic and you are all set for a “spooktacularly” good time.

Senin, 23 Mei 2011

Making Halloween Parties Fun for Kids

Halloween is often a favorite holiday for kids. The costumes, the candy, and all of the festivities make it a favorite time of year for many. Part of that fun often includes a Halloween party. If it is your turn to play host this year, here is a look at some of the things to consider while you are planning. The better prepared you are, the more likely everything will go smoothly.

Who is coming?

Before you can really start the party planning, you need to know how big the party is going to be. Some parents will invite only their child's favorite friends, while others will make it an event for the entire class. How many you would like to invite is totally up to you, but it is helpful to have a number in mind before you start buying Halloween candy and favors.

Costume contest

A great way to pass some time during the party, as well as encourage everyone to come in costume, is to have a costume contest. If you are hosting a party for younger children, you will want to make sure that you have enough categories so that everyone wins a prize. Scariest costume, funniest costume, most creative costume, best animal costume, etc. can all be categories. If you have the time, you can have party goers nominate and vote for the different categories. Find some fun Halloween favors to hand out as prizes, or you can create your own medals or award ribbons.

Face painting

If you have a little artistic talent, face painting is another fun activity for a Halloween party. Brush up on drawing ghosts, pumpkins, black cats, and witches, and you will be good to go. This can be a great way for kids to participate if they didn't come in costume, or just a way to have fun. You might forewarn parents ahead of time that you are going to be doing face painting so that your little witches don't come in already coated in green face paint and warts.

Treat bag/bucket decorating

For a craft idea, you can have kids decorate their own bags or buckets to use that evening for trick-or-treating. You can purchase inexpensive bags or buckets for the kids to decorate with paints or by gluing Halloween decorations to them. Check your local craft store for inexpensive Halloween themed items to use.

Food, drink, and atmosphere

Food and drink are a part of any party, and Halloween is no exception. Of course, you will want to make things spooky. Consider decorating cookies or cupcakes with Halloween themes, serving punch with floating spiders, or trying out any other creepy Halloween recipes you have on file.

To set the mood, try dimming the lights. Orange and black streamers and balloons can give the room a festive air. Or you can hang fake spider webbing and put up tombstones if you want a creepier feel. Find some Halloween music to play in the background as well.

With a little creativity and planning, you can create a Halloween party that your kids will always remember.

Minggu, 22 Mei 2011

Taxes, Income And Other Ones

The story of American income taxes begins 1812.

The 1st attempt to inflict an income tax on Americana occurred as a result of the War of 1812. At the end of two years of war, the federal government owed an unbelievable $100 million of debt (in inflationary terms, it probably had the same impact on the treasury as $100 billion debt would today). To pay for this, the government doubled the rates of its major source of revenue, customs duties on imports. This measure obstructed trade so severely that the government ended up bringing in less revenue than it had received from the lower rates. It's ironic that the American Revolution was began because of Tea Taxes in Boston.

Also, excise taxes were imposed on goods, and commodities such as housing, slaves and land were taxed pay for the war. After the war ended in 1816, these taxes were repealed and instead high customs duties were passed to retire the accumulated war debt.

What is Taxable Income?
The amount of income utilized to arrive at your income tax. Taxable income is your gross income minus all your adjustments, deductions, and exemptions.

A few specific taxes:

Estate Taxes:
One of the oldest and widely-used forms of taxation is the taxation of property held by an individual at the time of demise.

The US currently has Estate Taxes, although there are proposals to do away with them.
Such a tax can take two forms of implemantation. A direct estate tax can be levied on the estate prior to any transfer to heirs. An estate tax is a charge upon the deceased's entire estate, regardless of how it's disbursed. Another option form of death tax is an inheritance tax (a tax levied on beneficiaries getting property from the estate). Taxes imposed upon demise provide incentive to transfer assets prior to demise.

Canada no longer has Estate Taxes.

Virtually all European countries have Estate Taxes. The prime illustration is Great Britain, where high estate taxes have effectively ruined the financial well-being of virtually all of Britain's Nobility, who have been forced to sell vast real estate holdings or place them in historical trusts.

Capital Gains Taxes
Capital Gains are the increases in value of anything (including investments or even real estate) that makes it worth more than the price for which it was bought. The gains are likely not to be realized or even taxed until the asset is sold.

Capital gains are ordinarily taxed at a lower rate than regular income to promote business development or entrepreneurship during all economic phases. This is thought to help companies invest in technology and expand to create more employment.

Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

Video Poker: How to Play the Game

If you are looking for a fun and challenging alternative to playing slot machines, video poker is the game for you. Instead of simply pulling the machine handle and hoping that you will be lucky enough to meet a row of identical icons, in video poker your moves would rule whether you win or lose. Moreover, the house edge in video poker is much lower than at slots.

Playing video poker is similar to playing draw poker on a slot machine. It enables you to enjoy the action of poker without having to face other players who may be more experienced and skilled than you are. In addition, in video poker, there are no dealers, no rakes, no bluffing, no cheating; it is all about you and your poker skills.

How to Play Video Poker:
There are several variations to video poker. Some of the video poker variations are played with standard 52 card decks while others are played with additional wild cards. All the variations are based on the traditional card game of poker. Therefore, a basic knowledge of poker hand ranking is necessary.

You start by choosing the coin value you wish to play and then pick the number of coins that you want to bet. Afterwards, you click on deal and five cards will appear on your screen. You can discard some or all of the cards and replace them with new ones. After pressing hold on the cards you wish to keep, you push the deal button and the machine replaces your discarded cards with new ones.

The outcome of the second draw determines whether you win or lose. Each video poker machine displays its payout table, which details the number of coins the machine pays for each five card poker hand. The payout table differs from one video poker variation to the other and so is the minimum hand that qualifies for a payout.

Video poker odds are the same as in regular card poker. A 52 card deck produces more than 2.5 million hand combination. Each video poker machine is set by a random number generator, which simulates the probabilities of drawing any of the poker hand combinations. While in regular card poker, the casino ensure its profits by collecting a rake, in video poker the casino ensure its profits by setting each machine pay table differently.

Video Poker Tips:
1) Learn the basics of draw poker before you start playing video poker at online casinos or at a casino nearby.
2) Know the machine payout of the table you have decided to play at by selecting the machine that offers the highest return.
3) Adjust your strategy to the specific video poker variation you intend to play.
4) Use a mathematical strategy to play the game correctly.
5) Do not keep cards that cannot be used to form a winning hand.
6) Hold on to any pair instead of keeping a high card.
7) Keep any pair rather than draw into a straight or a flush.
8) Practice playing online video poker in a play money mode.

Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

Scrapbooking Your Halloween Memories

Scrapbooking is a hobby that is rapidly growing in popularity. Besides all of the other memories that creating a scrapbook can capture, it can also be a great way to remember your Halloween.

Memories to remember

There are so many exciting events that happen in October that lead up to Halloween. Have your camera ready so that you can capture every moment.

For starters, there is the picking out of the costume. Chances are, your child will want to try on three or four or more before settling on the perfect one. There is also the trip to the pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect jack-o-lantern pumpkin. You can also capture memories of raking the yard, hanging decorations, or baking Halloween treats.

Getting supplies together

Of course to create a scrapbook, you will need a scrapbook to start out with. Most craft stores will offer a wide variety of sizes and styles to choose from. While you are there, you can also take a look at the different colored papers, stickers, and other assortments of embellishments that you can add to the pages. If you need stencils, scissors, or glue make sure to pick those up as well.

Memories to include

What you decide to include in you Halloween scrapbook is up to you. If you would like, have your child participate by picking out photos or other items to include. If you are stumped for ideas, here are a few that can help you get started:

Take a walk and pick up some colorful fall leaves that are falling from the trees in October.
Halloween cards or invitations – you can use the entire card so that you can still read the messages, or simply cut off the picture part from the front to use as an embellishment.

Any Halloween artwork that your child has created is a welcomed addition to your Halloween scrapbook. If the project is too bulky or large to fit in the scrapbook, take some pictures of it to include instead. You can also include any crafts that were made at school or parties or that you and your child made on your own at home.

Have your child create top ten lists of the current favorites this year – favorite costumes, candy, TV shows, etc.

Goodies from any parties that you attended are also fun to incorporate. The gift bag, name tag, or invitation are always nice to include. You can also take pictures of your child's costume or the events going on.
Pictures, pictures, and more pictures! A well-taken picture will capture more of the feel than any description you could ever write. You can also give your child a camera and allow him or her to take some shots as well.

Any other decorations, mementos, or other things that will help spark memories when you look at the scrapbook later on.

Scrapbooks are a great way to save memories for later on. So if you want to remember that perfect Halloween costume or every moment from your child's first Halloween party, consider creating your own this year.

Kamis, 19 Mei 2011

How to Meet that Special Someone

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Most people grow up with the assumption that they will eventually meet someone, fall in love, get married and have a family. But this does not just happen. If this is what you want in life then you are going to have to work to find it.

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Chances are unless you are very lucky you will go thru many different relationships before you find your special someone. Finding your sole mate is like gambling. In poker and blackjack you may have to play dozens of hands until you get a winning hand, and it is the same with relationships.

During your life you will probably meet some people who seem like they may be the one, or that they are close, but still have the feeling that something else is missing. My advice is that if you are not happy, because something seems like it is missing, then it usually is not right.

Before I found my special someone, I was in a relationship for over 10 years, and I thought everything was great, until I started to seriously consider getting married. Then I noticed that we had so little in common and in reality wanted so many different things out of life and one day we both realized there was much about each of us that we both wanted from someone, but it was not us that we wanted.

Then one day I decided I had enough of trying to go to clubs and bars to meet people. I was sick and tired of trying to find someone in the time it takes to finish a drink. It always seemed the ladies I would meet were all wrong for me, or they seemed great after talking to them for 5 minutes but they seemed to have no interest in me.

Then one day I had an idea, it was not an original idea but I decided to use the internet to try to find the right person for me. So I proceeded to make a myspace profile. On this page I tried to put the real me and not the funny guy trying to be charming that was looking for love at the bar.

And as I would at the poker rooms I went all in, I poured my heart and sole into this. I wrote what I wanted and wrote down who I truly think I am and not who I want to be, and I was rewarded by 1 email responding to my site.

It was amazing; the response I got was like a dream. Imagine you are sitting in a Las Vegas casino playing poker. You are down to your last few dollars, you go all in and you wind up being dealt a Royal Flush, and suddenly the sky is bluer, the grass is greener, and all your worries seem to just fade away.

At first things were a little awkward for the both of us. We decided to hold of on actually meeting until we got to know each other first. We spent a month just talking everyday on the internet. You can really open up to someone and show them the real you and not have to worry about rejection on the internet, after all you are just a faceless ghost, and if things don’t work out you could be sitting next to her on the bus one day without ever knowing it.

The key to finding happiness is realizing you are going to bust more then you are going to get blackjack, but you must keep trying, trying to remember you only need to find the real thing once.

Rabu, 18 Mei 2011

Las Supersticiones en los Casinos

La mayoría de los jugadores casino siguen una cultura de las apuestas que es muy personal. Estas consisten en ciertas creencias, supersticiones, objetos, vestimentas y hábitos que deben o no deben hacer a la hora de jugar. Es importante tener un procedimiento en el casino para poder apostar con más seguridad. Próximamente te presento una serie de hábitos y creencias respetadas por muchos jugadores profesionales. Son solo lo que algunos dicen que es cierto, no necesariamente lo son.

La primera es entrar y salir por la misma puerta del casino, lo cual es creíble que traiga buena suerte. Sin embargo, algunos creen que trae mala suerte hacerlo.

Otra de las creencias es a la hora de jugar a los Dados, es importante soplarlos antes de tirarlos en la mesa del juego. Dicen que puede traer buenos resultados.
En el póquer, dicen que jugar una carta que se cayó al piso durante el juego no es conveniente, y puede traer mala suerte. Usar vestimenta negra puede traer mala suerte en el casino.

Los objetos de la suerte también son parte de la cultura de los casinos. Estos sirven para acompañar a los jugadores en los juegos trayendo buena suerte. La pata de conejo, muñecos de peluche, una foto de un familiar querido, una piedra, o trébol de cuatro hojas son algunos de los clásicos objetos de la suerte.

Las piedras de la suerte están clasificadas por meses. La de Enero es Granate, Febrero Amatista, Marzo Aguamarina, Abril Diamantes, Mayo Esmeralda Junio Perla, Julio Rubí, Agosto Olivino, Septiembre Zafiro, Octubre Ópalo, Noviembre Topacio, y Diciembre Turquesa.

Jugar con dinero de otros jugadores dicen que trae buena suerte. Sin embargo, otros creen que apostar con su propio dinero es más conveniente.

En el casino, las supersticiones de donde jugar, donde sentarse, son muy importantes. Por ejemplo, elegir la mesa en donde apostaras tu dinero generalmente es la misma. Los jugadores tienen su mesa habitual que les ha traído muy buena suerte en el pasado. El asiento también es de respectiva importancia. Sentarse cerca de alguien quien creas que te traerá suerte es muy común, tanto como sentarse cerca de alguien quien no confías no es recomendable.

La vestimenta es parte de las costumbres de los jugadores. En general dicen que vestir de negro no es conveniente, sin embargo la mayoría de los jugadores lucen traje negro.

Muchos, tienen sus números de la suerte escogidos. El 7 es considerado uno de los más comunes, mientras que el 13 no trae buena suerte. Tampoco se acostumbra dejar dinero arriba de la mesa de juego, porque quiere decir que el jugador gano demasiado y suficiente.

Sin duda, todas estas costumbres son muy subjetivas y depende en lo que uno cree o no cree. Pero si lo crees, es mejor que lo hagas!

Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

How to Make a Family Tree for Free

A very common question among beginners is "How can I make my family tree for free?" Though genealogy can evolve into an expensive hobby, here are some ideas to start to make your family tree for free.

Download free family tree software

One of the best software programs to help you make your family tree, Personal Ancestral File (PAF), is also free! Download PAF (link) to start organizing your information and making your family tree charts for free. Start your family tree by entering your information (name, birth date, birth place, etc.) and continue to add as much information as you know about your family. Once you have entered in everything you personally know, it's time to get help from family members to expand your family tree.

Interview your parents, grandparents and other relatives

The next step in making your family tree--interviewing relatives--is also free! Sit down with your parents, grandparents and other relatives and find out as much information as they know-names, dates, places-about their parents and their grandparents. These interviews should help you make your family tree back to your great-grandparents or even your great-great-grandparents!

Search at free family tree websites

Though many family tree websites require a subscription free, there are a handful of excellent websites that can help you get started:

1) - One of the best places to start searching for your family tree. Search for each of your ancestors from your family tree who have passed away by name and with any other identifying information (birth date, death date, etc.)

2) - With more than 250,000 links to genealogy websites, this is a must-stop for any person trying to make their family tree. Browse through the links related to your family surnames-you may find websites with information that can help you expand certain of your family lines.

3) and - There are thousands of message boards for surnames where you can post as much information as you have on each surname from your family tree and see if there are others also researching the same line who may be able to help!

Visit a local Family History Center

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is very involved with genealogy and has over 1800 Family History Centers in the United States where volunteers can give you free advice on how to make and research your family tree. These volunteers can also help you search for microfilms that you can look at to find your ancestors in records from all over the world.
Share your family tree

After you have followed the steps above to make your family tree for free, share what you have found with other family members. Consider making a family tree website so that others who are researching similar lines may find parts of their family tree for free!

Senin, 16 Mei 2011

Immigration – Trying On A New Lifestyle

The lure of riches in a foreign land, the potential of awesome new opportunities, dreams of what might be – all these sometimes entice people to immigrate to a different country. Being reunited with a loved one or just longing for adventure are also strong reasons for immigrating. Sometimes, rather than being drawn to a new country, one is pushed: religious persecution, starvation when the crops have failed, escaping unbearable family situations. Certainly wars, revolutions and political unrest have caused thousands to try to find a peaceful existence elsewhere. And decades ago, many were forced against their will to live in a new country as slaves or as prisoners.

For all who move on, pulling up roots from their homeland can be traumatic. It truly is not an easy decision to make, and today about 15% of those who leave their native country choose to return, finding that adjusting to a new society is too difficult.

The easiest transitions occur when the immigrants can find a community made up of people from their native home. They can keep a lot of their old customs while integrating the new country’s language, values and culture. Experience seems to indicate that to be happy they need to wholeheartedly try to assimilate the new ways and not begrudge the environment being different. Home is where the heart is! Home needs to be wherever we are!

While planning to remain permanently in the new country, most find work and strive to own a home of their own. They learn the new language (sometimes laughingly) and educate their children in the new ways, without having the children cut the bonds that tie them to their native roots. To honor both countries with love is the goal!

Immigrants have made enormous contributions to the economies and cultures of their new countries, yet these are often made with tremendous difficulty. Newcomers face many challenges in being accepted, and when they arrive from being ‘pushed’ to the new country, rather than ‘longing’ for it, the transition is even harder. Sometimes those original dreams just don’t come true.

The immigrants who make a very good living in the new country and are able to send money home to relatives in the native country are usually glad they made the transition. Some are able to establish business links with the businesses back home, helping to ease the problems that are faced there. Other immigrants finally retire and return to their native land for their old age, only to find that it, too, has changed.

Ultimately we each have to learn to cherish where we are. The old saying, “Where ever I go, I go, too!” still rings true.

Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

How to Survive An Evil Cult (Humor)

Below are some basic tips for evil cult leaders and members:

Pick one faith and stay with it. Dilettantism is the mark of an amateur.

Familiarize yourself with the specifications for sacrificial victims, and ensure that unacceptable substitutes cannot be unexpectedly introduced into the ceremony.

If the penalty for not-to-specs work is death and/or mutilation, consider working for a more fault-tolerant deity.

Avoid needless embarrassment. Practice the correct pronunciation of your deity's name in the privacy of your own room before chanting it in public. Flash cards are often helpful.

Before agreeing to impregnation by a supernatural being, investigate the survival rate of the other women who have undergone the procedure.

Never invoke anything bigger than your head.

Eschew deities whose followers are all young; such faith groups usually employ an unpleasant retirement procedure.

Avoid all cabalistic jewelry over ten pounds in weight - it attracts unwelcome attention from tourists, policemen, various supernatural creatures, and can be downright dangerous during thunderstorms. Its jingling also tends to warn the hero of your approach.

Citronella candles may not be used in rituals. I cannot stress this enough. Pastel colored candles in the shape of cute animals are like direct sunlight to the Powers of Darkness.

Fluorescent lighting is very annoying to most netherworldly creatures.

When the Black Mass goes awry, stay away from the Evil Priest. Enraged demons always go for the pompous.

When a religious artifact begins emitting light, CLOSE YOUR EYES. Thousands of cult members could be saved every year if they followed this simple safety tip.

When mutilating cattle, avoid the ones with testicles.

During ritual sacrificing, taking bits home for later is now generally considered "bad form."

Contrary to historical belief, drugs and invocations do not mix. When the ritual goes awry, it is vitally necessary to be able to discern between the gibbering monstrosity to pump full of silver bullets and the gibbering monstrosity that will fade away after a few hours, some B complex, and a good hot bath.

Piety and belief are powerful things, and few forces in nature, can stand against one who is true to his faith, his god/goddess, and the deal made in exchange for the soul. However, it is also true that gods tend toside with the heaviest artillery, so be prepared to change sides at the drop of a hat.

For those situations where a fresh, living, sacrifice is not available, the lower ranks of demons can be fooled by microwaving a previously frozen chunk of ex-victim and cleverly jiggling it. However, a mock victim sculpted from SPAM is unacceptable.

Instead of picking human victims who are young, virginal and innocent (and tend to turn out to be the Hero's girlfriend), see if you can substitute mass murderers, lawyers, and other people who won't be missed.

Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

How to Deal with Addiction

They say the first step to beating an addiction is to admit that you have a problem.

Dealing with someone who has a gambling addiction can be painful. They have a tendency to withdraw from family and loved ones, so what are you supposed to do when someone you care about has developed a gambling addiction.

There are several things you will need to do and some of them are very hard to do.

The first thing you have to do is to hide all your valuables, and if this person lives with you, then you need to keep them behind locked doors and if that is not possible then take them to a bank and lock them in a safety deposit box.

If this person is you child or your spouse then you need to limit there access to your money. In many circumstances people have spent their family's savings and kid's college funds. So if at all possible try to get that persons name of the accounts if it is not already too late, and cancel all their credit cards.

At some point you will have to confront them. When you do confront them it is important to not yell and do not get angry just tell them how what they are doing affects you. Make sure that all the persons close friends are there to help with this.

It is important that everyone take turns and tell the person how his gambling has affected their relationships, but in a non angry, caring manner. This will help the person realize that the people that care about him see something that maybe he does not and hopefully will take an honest look at his gambling.

Remember the goal of confronting someone is not to make them stop gambling, it is to help them recognize they have a gambling problem and to encourage them to seek professional help.

Some people recommend that you try to get your friend to go to a gamblers anonymous meeting, but I do not recommend this. Gamblers Anonymous is a great organization that truly helps those with gambling problems stay away from gambling, but before you are ready for this most people need one on one sessions with a psychologist or a counselor trained to deal with gambling addiction.

After all is said and done, you must be prepared because most of the time the gambler continues to gamble, maybe they will make a brief attempt to stop before starting again in secret.

With most addictions the person with the problem needs to hit what they call a "bottom". This is when the gambler has lost everything that really meant anything to them, such as family and friends, and it is only at this point many will see the problem and seek help.
If you know someone who is unwilling to admit their gambling problem I recommend that after you have tried your best to get this person to seek help if they do not, you may have to be prepared to leave them, remember at some point you have to abandon a sinking ship before you go down as well.

To find more information on gambling addiction search gamblers Anonymous and
Codependence websites.

Jumat, 13 Mei 2011

Postage Rates Increase

E-mail has replaced the need to send a letter through the regular mail. Additionally, on-line banking, while not as widely understood or accepted as e-mail has decreased the amount of bills that are sent through the regular mail. The use of e-cards has also diminished the number of cards being sent through the regular mail for birthdays, holidays and even the “just because” types of cards.

All of the pieces of correspondence referenced above would have required postage to be purchased, if sent as a hard-copy through regular mail. Now, these transactions are free of charge, via the internet.

Postage rates, for postage stamps, just have had a recent increase from 37 cents to 39 cents. 41 cents was the originally proposed number, but it seemed that the 2 cents increase was enough for now. This increase is attributed to an attempt to make up for lost volume, by increasing the price of sending each piece of mail.

The other costly update that is required when potage rates increase is the burden of businesses that use postage meters. Older versions of postage meters do not have the capability to automatically update when the postage rate varies from what they are currently programmed for. In this case, the lessee must buy an expensive up-grade chip that will re-format the postage meter to calculate the proper postage.

The postage rates for sending those materials that are unable to be sent electronically have not yet been increased, at least by an amount that is noticeable. The 2-3 days to send larger mail or packages is still costing about 3-10 dollars and sending packages overnight will cost about 20 dollars on average.

The postage rate increases will continue to be evident as the more and more people become comfortable with electronic transfer technology. However, the postal service will have to be careful to retain competitive rates, as they are not the only provider of package sending service.

Postage rates may become a big factor for businesses in the future, especially those that are responsible for a lot of outgoing materials. There will be a high market for providing the best service and the lowest price for high volume main and package distributions.

Whether it is the individual mail sender or a business, if postage rates continue to rise, and at a rate that is not found to be acceptable, people will find a way to avoid using this service all together, which is exactly what the postal service is trying to avoid. Hopefully, they will come up with a way to still provide a worthy service, without breaking the bank.

Kamis, 12 Mei 2011

Is It Painful Getting Your Body Pierced?

As the old saying goes, “no pain, no gain.” The same is true when it comes to body piercing, as many parts of the body are a little more than uncomfortable when the needle penetrates the skin. As distasteful as it may be, a piercing is nothing more than a puncture wound with a piece of jewelry inserted into the hole. Many individuals would seriously consider body piercing, but the potential for pain is too much for the weak of heart. In most instances, the pain associated with the actual piercing is not nearly as extreme as believed.

The best way to determine the amount of pain associated with a specific type of body piercing is to ask someone who has experienced the pain firsthand. This is also an excellent way to determine if you really want to have that specific part of your body pierced, since a pierced individual will be able to inform you of any complications, infection, or problems he or she has experienced with the body piercing.

Another way to determine the amount of pain associated with a body piercing is to speak with a piercer. These individuals who pierce a variety of body parts for a living are usually able to walk you through the entire process from cleaning the needle to the healing process.

Generally, tongue piercings are generally thought to be the most painful, but in actuality, many believe the belly button to be the most painful area to be pierced. The tongue has a tremendous healing capacity, allowing it to quickly bounce back from any sort of trauma. Generally, tongue piercing is most associated with swelling, but little bleeding or pain. Belly buttons tend to have the greatest problems associated with piercing since the belly button takes an extremely long time to heal. Often, the belly button can take up to one year to heal completely, and is often prolonged due to the position on the body. Jewelry is likely to become snagged on clothing, therefore irritating the wound further.

Most piercers use a type of cooling spray or numbing lotion that will temporarily freeze the area and prevent pain. Ask the piercing parlor where you intend to have your piercing done to see if this is an option. Also, many piercers use well practiced techniques to lessen the pain as much as possible.

If you are concerned about the pain, bring a friend or companion to accompany you on your piercing adventure. Be sure to avoid taking any medications or alcohol before you visit a piercer, since piercers will not allow you into their salon if they believe you to be under the influence of any potential medications.

Rabu, 11 Mei 2011

Snack Gift Basket

Copyright 2006 Hali Shipon

Everybody likes to receive a Snack Gift Basket. Not many years ago, it was traditional to give plants and gifts on birthdays, anniversaries and other memorable occasions. Over the past few years, the giving of Snack Gift Baskets has increased and become much appreciated, relegating the gifting of plants and flowers into the into the past. A Gift Basket will always win, no matter who is the recipient, for the simple reason that a Gift Basket is so versatile.

A time when a Snack Gift Basket would be particularly welcome is when moving home. We all are familiar with the million and one things to remember --- change this, redirect that --- and on top of all that, we have to remember to buy snacks. Getting a “Welcome Home” gift box on moving day is more than just a gift; it is a Godsend and guaranteed to please.

And if the person you are planning to thank is on the executive level, then how about sending an Executive Treats Gift Box? These are always much appreciated by busy execs. Some of the contents can easily be kept in the desk drawer for a quick chocolate hit just before that big meeting. This type of gift for a busy executive, who is always at his or her desk, is a truly outstanding and thoughtful choice.

You may be wondering when is the best time for sending a Snack Gift Basket. They are sent these days on almost every occasion, and to family, friends, associates, colleagues and kids. Even pampered pets benefit from special pet gift baskets containing all types of goodies.

Maybe a special person who adores coffee is celebrating something special? What better way to help them celebrate than sending a sumptuous Coffee Lovers Gift Basket? Your gift is guaranteed to be thoroughly enjoyed and much remembered. Almost any occasion can be celebrated better with a Snack Gift Basket, and your thoughtfulness will be remembered for years to come.

Now you have decided that you are going to celebrate the occasion of that someone special by sending them a gift basket, you need to check out the online gift basket providers. There are many factors to consider --- timely delivery of your gift basket is paramount. If you are sending a Snack Gift Basket as a birthday gift, you want it delivered on a specific day, not three days later!

Make sure that you give your order to an online company who pride themselves on their timely delivery. Ask how the order will be delivered. By regular mail? By in-house courier? By a contracted driver? Is delivery guaranteed on the day you require? What kind of redress do you have if they fail to deliver on that day?

And if you are trying to say a very big ‘Thank You’ to someone, then what better way than having an oversize “Snack Attack” basket delivered? My grandma always said that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and my experience is that these are words of wisdom. It is hard to imagine anyone who would not like to receive a Snack Gift Basket. It is the most versatile gift, and will be enjoyed by everyone.

Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

How to get your husband to cancel his weekly poker game

Over the past few years it always bothered me that my husband would go play poker with his friends every Friday night. Whenever I complained that it would be nice to spend time with my husband on Friday, he just complains that this is the only time he gets to be with his friends.

I decided I had to come up with a way to make him choose me over his poker buddies so I tried many different things, at first I tried by asking him to stay home so we could have sex all night. That worked a few times but then he caught on to what I was doing.

I also tried finding different events that he may want to go to like action movies, car shows and other things of that nature but there were not always things to do, so that was another failed attempt.

But after 6 months of trying I had just about given up, finally at my wits end I decided that maybe I could get real good fast I could challenge him to a game and if I won he had to stop going to his game, and if he won I would pay for him to go to Vegas I spent every spare moment I had reading everything I could find online about Texas Holdem. Eventually I decided to go online and practice at some Video Poker.

Eventually I started playing for real cash Online, and once or twice while he was at his game I would drive to one of the local casinos and play for a few hours in their poker rooms.

Finally I felt I was good enough to make the challenge. So one night I told him that I wanted him to stop going to his Friday night games and to stay home with me, as I had expected it started a big argument. I waited until he made his speech about working hard and needing some “guy” time.

So I felt this was my time to strike, I asked him if he would at least allow me to come and watch the game, to which he replied that players only as the rule and that since I did not know how to play I could not go.

So I said if he could do it how hard can it be that really got him going, so he then asked me if I wanted to make the game a little interesting with a little bet. Now I had exactly what I wanted.

I said if he won I would pay for him to go to Las Vegas alone, he did not know I had made some good money playing poker recently, and if I won he would give up his seat in his regular Friday night game.

He looked at me suspiciously at first and I thought he was not going to risk it but he said ok. He ran to the closet and grabbed his chips we each started of with $100 in chips and agreed the first one out is the loser.

Well in the end it was me that lost, but he was so excited at how good I was that he did stop going to his Friday night game, now every Friday night we go and play together at the casino. We have been doing this for 2 years now and our relationship has never been this good.

Sometimes it really is better to try to get interested in his hobby.

Senin, 09 Mei 2011

Why are western men looking for Russian women?

The answer is benevolently straightforward: they can find in Russia a better partner than is available for them at home!

When they say Russian girl it usually means - the best girl ever!

But why is it possible?

Just check the websites of American expatriates living in Russia (yes, there is a huge community of Americans permanently living in Russia, with their own newspapers and websites!) and you will confirm my words: Russian girls are looking for a husband abroad just because they want to meet a suitable partner that they failed to meet at home. They are not looking to immigrate. They are looking to find their love!

The fundamental reason for this lies in Russian demographics.

You know that men to women ratios differ dramatically between the countries. The latest figures from The Economist show that in United Arab Emirates there are about 186 males for 100 females. It’s clear the competition for eligible females should be stiff there. If you are a single male, the Emirates will be the last place in the world to look for an available woman - unless you live there, of course.

And what is the best place for a single male to look for the beloved one?

The lowest men to women ratios are in Eastern Europe!

Countries like Russia and Ukraine are on the top of the list, with only 88 males to 100 females. The latest Russian census provided astounding figures of 10 million more women than men.

There the situation is exactly the opposite way around: eligible bachelors are more precious than gold.

So if you were a single male, exploring your dating options in Russia would make the perfect sense!

More over Russian girls are unique!!!

By their personality, Russian ladies are tender and at the same time they are diligent, strong and hard-working, especially, when they do something for their family and people they love. In actuality, the Slavonic women are not spoiled with feminism. They are mostly family focused and traditionally, they obtain the knowledge of keeping happy family nest from their grandmothers. Those clever old-ladies teach their grand-daughters how to be kind, loving and caring with their future husband and children. The grannies pass on to their lovely descendants the secrets of cooking, sewing, knitting and house-holding. At the early childhood they start reading Russian national fairy-tales to their granddaughters. And those old and kind folktales mostly teach the morals and show the attitude of a Russian beauty to her man.

So if you want to find a woman that will love you forever – just visit Russia. And I'm sure you'll find there your destined.

Minggu, 08 Mei 2011

Volunteering For A Charity Organisation

Many people volunteer to work with charity organisations. It is a chance to help your chosen charity by the giving of your time and skills, and also getting something back in return. If you want to help a charity, and you don’t have much money to give in the way of donations to your chosen charity, why not consider volunteering?

Depending on what charity you choose to volunteer for will depend on exactly what you will do. So, if you are considering becoming a volunteer within the charity there are some basic factors that you should consider. The first thing to think about is what you can offer the charity. Look at what skills you possess and how they could be of benefit to the charity group. For instance, if you are especially good at administration then your administration skills could be of great benefit to the charity, and this is where you should offer your services. It’s no good volunteering with a charity as a counsellor if you have no qualifications or experience in that department. Think about what you can do well and offer to do it for the charity.

Another thing to bear in mind when volunteering for a charity is what you like to do. Volunteering in a charity is not just about what you are good at; charity work is also about what your passion is. For instance, if you enjoy art, but haven’t had the chance to work at it as much as you would like, then combining this with charity work in a volunteering capacity could be a good idea.

Another factor when volunteering for a charity is to decide how much time you have to donate. Think about how many hours each day you could give to volunteering to a charity. You may only be able to visit the charity in the evenings or on weekends, but you need to be aware of how much time you can give to the charity before you volunteer. That way you will understand beforehand exactly what is involved in the charity work and how much you can expect to be working.

Volunteering for charity work should be beneficial to both the volunteer and the charity. As well as giving your time to the charity you should also get something out of the volunteering work that you do. You should find satisfaction as well as gaining insight into the charity you are working for. Volunteering with a charity is a great way to meet new friends, enjoy new projects, and find new skills whilst helping others at the same time. If you have some spare time on your hands and would like to be involved in a charity then volunteering is a great option.

Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

How to Win More From the

It may be for the excitement, it may be for a vacation but it is the dream of going home a big winner that keeps us going back to the casinos, but are there ways other then cheating that can help you take home more cash? The answer is yes.

Believe it or not gambling at on online casino is a great way to gain experience so that you can win some big money in the casinos.

May online casinos besides having games as low as 50 cents, also have practice rooms that are free. You are given some play money to make your bets, but no real money is exchanged.
These practice rooms are available for most of the different casino games like poker, blackjack, roulette and baccarat.

This is a great way to gain experience. Not only do you get to play, you also get the experience of playing against other people instead of a computer. This allows you to learn how to watch their betting habits to look for patterns. This may not be so important in a game like roulette or craps but in poker this is almost as important as the cards you are dealt.

These patters are called tells. A tell is when someone gives away their hand by an involuntary action.

Some common tells are the way players arrange their cards, or playing with their chips when they have a good hand, or rubbing their face when they are bluffing

In a practice poker room you also get the experience of learning how to watch your money, without losing your shirt when you make a mistake, which will happen at first.

On of the biggest problems with learning to gamble in a casino is that the dealer and the other players are not forgiving. By this I mean let’s say you are playing roulette, a first time player may not know that until all winnings are placed on the table you may not take your winnings. Getting a warning from the dealer the first time you play can be embarrassing and unnerving to a new player.

So by playing in an online casino at first you will learn the rules, procedures and the etiquette for playing in a land based casino.

If poker is your game it is a little different, most games depend on luck and all you really need to know if the basics, but poker is totally different because you are playing against other layers that know all this information already. when you feel confident enough then go to the casino and find the game you want to play and spend some time watching the other players. You want to find a table where all the players are less skilled then you. This will give you the edge, but make sure you watch carefully. Many times players will do things to make themselves look worse then they really are to give the other players a false confidence.

Then as you see yourself getting better and better you can move up to higher stakes tables and against better players.

Once you get confident and see your skills increase so will your bank account.

Jumat, 06 Mei 2011

Traveling to Caribbeans to find love

As long as matchmaking services are very popular nowadays, some of them even can organize a trip to the paradise of Dominican Republic for you... appearing on the tropical island with the lady of your dreams is a reality now. So please continue reading to learn how to get their with your Russian bride.

In the end of February OksanaLove dating site organized the first tour (out of many to come, the next tour will take place in the beginning of June) to Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), an exotic paradise, where nature, smiles, and love blossom. The participants, who joined Oksana Boichenko at the tour came to meet each other for the first time - after long correspondence or just briefly knowing each other, who decided to get to know each other in such a new and unusual manner. The results of this splendid tour have surpassed all expectations: two couples got engaged, and several more strengthened their existing relationships, with intentions to join their lives together. One engagement took place during the tour itself – OksanaLove team were so impressed by the love of these happy guys!

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The is organizing a second tour in the beginning of June, and the response to the trip has been simply overwhelming! If you have not looked into this trip yet, now is the right time to do so. The information is available on the site, as well as from the managers or Oksana directly. They will work with you on finding the right lady for you, if you haven’t met her yet, they will select the best ladies for you to get to know, and they guarantee, you will not be disappointed!

Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

How I Thank You, Let Me Count the Ways

There isn’t a day in anyone’s life where we could function without the help, generosity, love or care of someone else. We often get caught up in our day to day lives that we forget to show those people how much they mean to us. Saying Thank You is great, but how about showing your appreciation with a lovely Thank You gift? Here are some wonderful gift ideas that say thank you in a big way.

Send a Thank You Card. Unexpectedly received a card from someone dear to you can have such an impact on someone. Knowing that someone took the time to find the perfect card is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Cards are inexpensive and make a statement. You can add pictures or gift cards to them if desired.

Floral or balloon arrangements are very common for special occasions like birthdays, but work just as well for saying Thank You. Flowers are the most common delivered gift and for a good reason. They are a simple beauty that says so much. You can even find the meaning of flowers and choose what you deem appropriate. Balloons work just as well. You can find balloons that say anything on them. Flower bouquets range in price and can be very inexpensive or costly depending on the arrangement size.

If spending time with this person makes you both happy, why not make it special for them? For example make a special lunch or dinner date to show your gratitude. It can be as simple as lunch once a week in a local cafeteria or as lavish as a grand dinner is a great restaurant with proper attire. Whether you do it only once or make a tradition, it certainly says you care. The cost of this Thank You depends on where you go to eat. Diners and cafeterias are more pocket-friendly whereas fancy restaurants will cost a pretty penny.

For those who want to say thank you, but aren’t close enough for those private lunches and dinners, try giving a restaurant gift certificate. Most popular restaurants offer gift certificates for purchase. If you are unsure of which restaurant, try getting a gift certificate from a place that offers a wide variety of food choices as opposed to a specific food choice. You wouldn’t want your gift to go to waste because that someone doesn’t enjoy a certain food type. Most of the casual dining places are in the same price range.

Besides flowers, gift baskets seem to be the common Thank You gift. Gift Baskets offer a wide range of thank you gifts. Thank You themed gift baskets say exactly what you want them to, but aren’t the only option. Other popular gift basket choices that say thank you are spa baskets, cookie bouquets, gourmet gifts and wine baskets. Like flowers they also range in price from very inexpensive to very lavish and costly. They can suit anyone’s needs.

Ways to say Thank You are endless and really depend on what you are comfortable with. Just remember, the most important thing is to in fact say, Thank You.

Rabu, 04 Mei 2011

U.S. Immigration Policy Ignores Economic Reality

The root of the current crisis of undocumented immigration is a fundamental disconnect between today's economic and labor market realities and an outdated system of legal immigration.

Undocumented immigration is driven in large part by a U.S. labor market that is creating a higher demand for less-skilled workers than is being met by the native-born labor force or by the current legal limits on immigration.

As the past decade and a half of failed federal border-enforcement efforts make clear, immigration policies that ignore these larger economic forces merely drive migration underground rather than effectively regulate it.

In short, there is an unsustainable contradiction between U.S. economic and immigration policy, with economics winning. The problem is a broken immigration system that sends the dual messages "Keep Out" and "Help Wanted" to foreign workers.

The U.S. economy continues to create large numbers of less-skilled jobs even as native-born workers grow older and better educated and are increasingly unavailable to fill such jobs.

Yet the federal government continues to impose outdated numerical caps and other restrictions on immigration that bear little relationship to the economic realities of our time.

As a result, enforcement resources are devoted in large part to trying to stem the labor migration the U.S. economy attracts and which is an outcome of globalization. Despite the critical role immigrants play in filling less-skilled jobs, America offers few opportunities under the current immigration system for them to come to the U.S. legally.

There is a similar bottleneck for low-skilled workers who seek temporary, employment-based visas. Of the 16 different types of temporary immigrant visas available for employment and training in the United States, only two -; H2A and H2B -; are available to workers with little or no formal training. Moreover, the total number of H2B visas that can be awarded in a year is capped at 66,000.

Only a truly comprehensive approach will work, one that includes a process by which undocumented immigrants already living and working in the United States can apply for legal status, as well as the creation of a temporary worker program with stringent protections for both temporary workers themselves and native-born workers.

Lawmakers must tackle the issue of undocumented immigration with less rhetoric and more realism. Continuing the status quo by trying to enforce immigration policies that are at war with the U.S. and global economies will do nothing to address the underlying problem. Nor is it feasible to wall off the United States from the rest of the world.

The most practical option is to bring U.S. immigration policy in line with the realities of the U.S. labor market and an increasingly transnational economy.

Selasa, 03 Mei 2011

Must Knows About Snowmobile Parts

If winters just around the corner then its time to get our your snowmobile and start having fun exploring challenging new terrain or even taking a more serious pursuit and taking part in racing events. To do this however it is always best to make sure your snowmobile parts are at there very best to maximize the enjoyment you can get out of snowmobiles.

Luckily with enough research into snowmobile parts you will be able to find dealers all around your area with a large variety of different parts in stock all with unique styles so you can create your very own one of a kind individualized snowmobile as you can choose what parts you want to upgrade depending on the cash situation. You can tune the steering how you like it to get the maximum potential out of your snowmobile.

Different parts for your snowmobile will include Engine parts, Body parts, suspension parts, traction parts, steering parts and accessories like lights and seating. Within all of these categories of snowmobile parts you will encounter several more parts for example if you're looking for some steering parts you will have the options to choose from the ski handle, steering boots, steering stopper the list goes on. There are just that many different parts you will be spoilt for choice. Be sure to pick ones that will work fine with your specific snowmobile and the best bet it to find the most popular pieces on the internet to ensure you get the best deal. As well as parts for your actual snowmobile there are even more! You then need to start looking at parts such as clothing and helmets to guarantee you're always safe if the unfortunate was to happen as it can be quite a dangerous sport.

There are so many snowmobile accessories that you can basically build your very own unique snowmobile if you have the time and money to buy the bits and pieces, things that are customizable are foot pads, handle bar hooks, hand warmers, mirrors and basically every body panel you can see. As a mater of fact almost everything you see can be changed and upgraded giving your snowmobile the edge over all of your friends.

Like everything mechanical be sure you know what you're doing in the event of tampering with how the engine works or any engine parts such as the pistons, gaskets, fan belts or the exhaust system as incorrect installation can lead to tragic ending. Always take the proper precautions when upgrading or modifying your snowmobile to make sure no one gets hurt. There are many online shops in today's world in which you can buy your snowmobile parts at the best prices but be sure to ask questions if you're not sure if they will fit on your make and model or if you're wanting a recommendation on the best parts based on your price budget and I'm sure a member of staff will assist you as soon as possible.

Senin, 02 Mei 2011

Save an Innocent Life Through Charity Donation - Sponsor a Child!

An extremely large number of children all around the world are in serious need of help. Sponsoring a child is a great way of helping these poor children live a better life, and by sponsoring a child with a charity donation you will feel a certain warm feeling of satisfaction when you will see that a child which had no hope is now grown-up and happy thanks to your help.

A recent research has proven that nowadays once at three seconds a child dies because of the lack of a home, food and water - things that we can't even imagine our lives without. Needless to say that for these children, schools and education is a luxury that they can only dream about.

If you decide to sponsor a child you will be able to choose the location where you want him to be, and then you can pick the special child you want to help from a list that also has the pictures of those children.

You will then be connected with that child, he will know your location and your name, and he will constantly write to you and tell you how he is feeling and what he is doing. If you want you can also send the child a picture of you and a letter where you introduce yourself to him, so that he knows who is helping him.

Your charity donation sponsorship can bring clean and fresh water, medication, treatment and also school and education to one of the many children in need.

You will be the only person that sponsors one child, because there are many of them and too little sponsors to assign more that one sponsor to one child. Therefore, you will be one of the most important persons in his life. If you want, after some time you can even visit that child and see how he's doing and in what way you've helped him. You're surely receive a warm welcome from the child and his family.

Child sponsorships are usually done through charitable organizations specialized in charity donations. These organizations also make investments with the money they receive so that every dollar you send is most likely multiplied. Besides providing the child you choose and his family with their basic need, a part of your investment is used to train volunteers that go directly at the heart of the matter and help the people there by providing vaccinations and nutritional programs. Also, with the money coming from the people's charity donations, some other major projects can come to life, like the building of schools with all the needed educational equipment, roads and bridges over the rivers so that children from a wide area can come to the schools, and also water and irigation systems - clean and fresh water is highly important for people's health.

Minggu, 01 Mei 2011

Keeping Your Halloween Party Budget Friendly

Halloween parties can be fun for all ages, but they can also become expensive quickly if you do not have a budget in mind. And while everyone wants to invite all of their friends, the more people, the more money the party costs. After all, you have to figure in the decorations, entertainment, food, and costumes. However, with the right planning you can create the perfect Halloween party on any budget.

Make it a potluck

Potlucks are a great idea for any party. For starters, you do not have the work and expense of creating multiple dishes yourself. You also get the advantage of trying new and different recipes. It is often easiest to make the main dish yourself, and assign dishes to different party goers (for instance, asking one family to bring a side dish, another dessert, another salad, etc.). You can also make your Halloween party snacks or desserts only.

Plan ahead and shop on sale

If you host an annual Halloween party, paper supplies and decorations can often be bought cheaply in November for the following year. If this is your first year hosting a Halloween party, start buying as soon as Halloween merchandise starts hitting the shelves so that you can take advantage of the lower prices and better selection.

Look for items that can be used more than once

If you can get two uses out of one item, you have saved money right there. Pumpkins that are painted or left natural (no carving) can be used to make baked goods after the guests have gone home. Fall decorations can work just as well in November as in October, provided that there is nothing specifically Halloween about them. Also look for Halloween decorations that can be reused from one year to the next. That way, if you do invest much money this year, you won't have to next year.

Small and intimate beats large and loud

While a large party involving the entire neighborhood may sound like fun, the amount of money that it will cost, let alone the amount of room that you will need, can make this a bit prohibitive. Consider making the party for adults only, or limit to only the families that you are closest with.

Shop at warehouse stores

Buying in bulk is often less expensive, especially when you need to buy a large amount of items. Candy, paper goods, and treats for the goodie bags can often be found for less than you would pay at the department stores.

Chances are, if you spend more money on your Halloween party than you were intending, it is only going to stress you out. So by shopping smart and planning ahead, you can have just as much fun without the stress.