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Baseball Betting: How to Bet Basics

If you know nothing about sports and you still feel the urge to wager, baseball is the easiest sports to wager on. As opposed to football and basketball, where you are mixed up with the point spreads and other confusing calculations, in baseball betting you simply put your money on the outcome of the game. In addition, the baseball season lasts longer, which means more matches and bigger chances to go home with the winning money. Here is a step to step guide to baseball betting. 

The main difference between baseball betting and other team sports betting such as football and basketball is that while the latter ones use point spreads, the former uses the money line.

What is a Point Spread?
Point spread is the most common betting type offered in football and basketball betting. The sportsbook spreads the odd of a certain match by subtracting points from the favorite team, which is the team most likely to win and adding points to the underdog, which is the team that will raise a lot of eyebrows if wins.

What is a Money Line?
In baseball betting, the sportsbook sets the odds strictly on the outcome of the match. In order to even the action, bettors would have to risk more money on the favorite and risk less on the underdog. This is called the money line.

For example, if the money line is minus 170 on the favorite and plus 150 on the underdog, then you would have to bet 170 dollars on the favorite in order to earn 100 dollars. On the other hand, if you bet 100 dollars on the underdog, you would win 150 dollars if they would eventually win the match.

The difference between the minus 170 on the favorite and the plus 150 on the underdog is known as the twenty cent line. If the money line was minus on the favorite and plus 150 on the underdog, it is called the ten cent line or dime line. The fifteen cent line is also common in baseball betting.

Sportsbooks also offer total bets and run lines in baseball betting.

1) Total Bets:
These wagers are based on the sum of the runs scored by both of the teams. For example, if the sportsbook sets the over under total of a match as 7, the over wins if the sum of the runs scored by both teams exceeds 7 and the under wins if it sums up to less than 7.

2) The Run Line:
This wager is the baseball variation of point spread. When you are betting on the run line, you are betting on whether one of the teams wins by more than one run, which is marked as minus 1.5 or stays within one run, marked as plus 1.5.

Although the money line makes <a href="http://www.gambling-portal.com/baseball.html">baseball betting</a> simpler than football and basketball betting, it causes the payoffs calculation to be more complicated:

1) In order to calculate the payoff when wagering on the favorite you should add 1 to the favorite price and divide it with the favorite price.

2) In order to calculate the payoff when wagering on the underdog you should add 1 to the underdog price.

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Bands With A Cause - Silicon Wristbands

The latest craze to hit the fashion scene is the silicon wristbands. Though some fashion experts are terming them as a passing fad, they are the hottest selling fashion items right now. Lance Armstrong, the cycle champion who survived cancer, has popularized them.

Types of Silicon Wristbands

Livestrong Band: These were the first band that came into the market. Lance Armstrong introduced them in support of people battling cancer. Its sale shot up after the talk show queen, Oprah Winfrey, popularized it on one of her talk shows.

Celebrate Hope Band: This purple band is a memorial band worn in honor of all the people who have lost their lives to deadly cancer of all types.

Live Free Smoke Free Band: This band is orange in color and is worn as a moral support to encourage people to quit smoking.

Courage Band: This band is red in color with a stamped ribbon marker on it. This is in support of people battling AIDS, people who lost their lives to it and also in support of AIDS research.

Anti Racism Band: These bands were introduced in the wake of increase in racism after 9/11. There are two bands in one, the black one crossing over the white one. By wearing them, you can show your dedication to cultural tolerance and racial equality.

Tsunami Relief Band: The band is aqua blue in color. It is in remembrance of people who lost their lives in the Asian Tsunami of December 26th; 2004.The band is etched with the word’s “one world one cause” and recognizes the world as one family.

Support Our Troops Band: This is a yellow ribbon that is worn to show support to US troops stationed worldwide.

Radio 1 Bully Band: It is sold in support of bullying awareness programs. It is blue in color.

Breast Cancer Band - This band is pink in color and is worn in support of women who are suffering from breast cancer.

Purples Paw Band - This is a purple band sponsored by ‘Crafts n scraps’ in support of cruelty free campaigns and animal shelters. The profits will help Maxfund, a shelter for abused animals.

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Baccarat History and American Baccarat Rules

If we put aside the black ties, the velvet curtains and the overall exclusive atmosphere, baccarat is one of the simplest casino games around. In addition, baccarat is a beatable game with a low house edge, which makes it one of the best bets you can make! Here you can read about baccarat history and learn how to play the game.

Both the American and European versions of baccarat and the French Chemin de Fer are late developments of the Italian game called baccara, which means zero in Italian. The origins of baccara go back to an old Etruscan myth. According to the myth, a blonde virgin had to toss a nine sided die to decide on her destiny. If the die landed on eight or nine, she would have to fulfill her destiny and become a priest. If the die landed on six or seven, she would be forbidden to participate in any religious activity. If the die landed on any other number, the virgin had to walk into the sea.

The Italian game baccara was popular among French aristocracy during the end of the 15th century. Baccara had evolved to the European version of baccarat, which is still played in European casinos today as well as the French variation of baccarat known as Chemin de Fer, which is mainly played in casinos in France. The American version of the game was introduced to Nevada casinos in the 1950s by Francis Tommy Renzoni, who imported the game from Havana.

Baccarat still carries an aroma of aristocracy and exclusivity. In American casinos, baccarat is played in a separated area of the casino, hidden behind velvet curtains. Baccarat players are usually dressed up and the betting limits are higher comparing to other table games. In order to attract the medium budget players, a lower limit version of baccarat, called mini baccarat, was invented. Mini baccarat is played on a smaller table, inside the casino gambling area with lower betting limits than baccarat.

How to Play Baccarat

Baccarat is played with 3 dealers and up to 12 or 14 players. Baccarat is usually played with 8 standard card decks. Aces valued as one, face cards and ten cards valued as zero, and the rest of the number cards worth their face value. The suit has no meaning. The object of the game is to get as close to 9 as possible.

The play begins by all players, including the dealer, placing their bets either on the player, the banker, or on a tie. Traditionally, the dealer bets on the banker. The dealer can be the house dealer or one of the players. After everyone has placed their bets, the dealer gives two cards to each player and to the banker.

The score of each hand is calculated as the sum of the two cards minus the left digit. For example, if the sum of the two cards is 15, the score would be 5. The decision whether to deal a third card is determined by a set or rules and it is not up to the player or the dealers decision. 
If the score of the players hand is 9 or 8, he wins
If the score of the dealers hand is 9 or 8, it is a tie
If a players score is 7 or 6, he can be dealt a third card
If a players score is 5 or less, he has to receive a third card
If a player gets a third card and the score of the dealers hand is 2, 1 or 0, he must draw a third card
If the score of the dealers hand is 3 and the players third card is any value but 8, he must draw a third card
If the score of the dealers hand is 4 and the players third card value is between 2 and 7, he must draw a third card
If the score of the dealers hand is 5 and the players third card value is between 4 and seven, he must draw a third card
If the score of the dealers hand is 6 and the players third card is 6 or 7, he must draw a third card.
If the score of the dealers hand is 7, he cannot draw a third card.

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Bacara el Preferido del Agente 007

El Agente 007 y su audacia con el juego continúan deslumbrando año tras año a sus sensuales compañeras en escena y derrotando a sus astutos enemigos.

El Bacara: El Juego preferido del clásico James Bond: Bacará y el Agente 007

El Bacará es el clásico juego de apuestas originado en Italia en el siglo 15 y es también característico del famoso espía 007. En cada escena lo identifican una elegancia y excelencia, que junto con su impecable  Martini en mano y las apuestas en otra James Bond ha mantenido una leyenda desde su origen desde los años 50 hasta el presente. Es así como el espía ingles domina la versión francesa del juego Bacará llamada Chemin de Fer con gran talento y admiración.

Bacara siempre fue popular entre la alta sociedad, especialmente en el siglo 15, cuando surgió en Italia. Bacara significa cero en italiano y a lo largo de su expansión en diferentes países nuevas reglas y variaciones fueron inventadas y adaptadas como en Estados Unidos o en Francia el Chemin de Fer, o el denominado Juego de James Bond.

El juego consiste en el "Jugador" y la "Banca"  el nombre que se la a las opciones de apuestas, estos son repartidos dos o tres cartas cada uno con el objetivo simple de llegar a 9 sin pasarse de el. Mientras tanto la banca decide según las reglas del juego cuando detener la jugada y los jugadores ya han debido apostar a cual de las dos Jugador o Banca ganara la mano. Los jugadores o el jugador apuesta y el que apuesta a la mano que gano el puntaje mas correcto, gana la mano. En la adaptación americana, el juego funciona en contra a la banca, mientras que en Chemin de Fer, los jugadores compiten el uno con el otro. Uno representa al jugador y el otro a la Banca.

En compañía del Chemin de Fer los libros de Ian Fleming junto a las adaptaciones en escena de James Bond, han deslumbrado por décadas las diferentes aventuras del espía, con ayuda de su impecable poder del juego y su atractivo estilo. Hasta su último estreno en el 2006 James Bond sigue disfrutando de la lujuria de las mesas verdes de los casinos junto a su cigarro y el su sensual compañera en acción. En el anio 1964, las novelas y capítulos de James Bond, fueron escritas por Kingsley Amis, John Pearson, John Gardner, Raymond Benson, y Charlie Higson. Tambien sus actores variaron comenzando con el conocido Sean Connery, siguiendo con Geroge Lazenby, Roger Moore, Tomothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan y Daniel Craig.

Si observas, es muy interesante ver la manera en que el Agente apuesta al juego y a su vez actúa y descubre los secretos que lo rodean con la misma rapidez, seguridad y astucia. Enlas películas de James Bond el juego Chemin de Fer transcurre en elegantes salas llenas de mujeres elegantes y hombres adinerados que detrás del juego tienen otros intereses por revelar. En la realidad el enlace entre el Bacará y El Agente 007 es de un acompañante fiel de aventuras secretas y emocionantes de mas de cinco décadas que hicieron de el una leyenda inolvidable que resurge de generación en generación.

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Baby Care: Introducing Solid Foods

The next time you stroll down the baby food aisle, gaze for a moment at the meticulously stacked jars of baby food.  What could be easier, flavors galore with quick, easy open tops.  Ready to serve in an instant!  But would you eat it?

Making your own baby food is easy and delicious.  It is healthier and doesn’t take much time to prepare.  First, start with organic vegetables, if at all possible.  Get yourself a steamer and begin cooking.

Clean your vegetables thoroughly.  Most baby’s love homemade carrots and sweet potatoes the best.  You can also use squash, peaches or apples, whatever looks good for the season.  All of these can be steamed together to make things quicker.  Put some water in the bottom of your pot, put in the steamer and add cut up veggies and fruit.  Steam the food until it is soft and let cool.

There is no need to season or add salt to steamed food as fruit and vegetables are naturally seasoned.  Pick out any seeds or fibrous strings that could choke your baby. 

Separate the steamed food and put each separately in a food processor, adding a little bottled or filtered water when needed to soften food.  As your little one grows, you can leave larger bits of food in the mix.  But for your baby, keep it smooth and creamy.  Rinse the processor after each batch you make.

You can buy little jars or containers to use or even use ice cube trays to store your food.  Freeze the steamed food in little portions so you won’t waste any during feedings.  These can be thawed overnight in the refrigerator or warmed in hot water.  Always mix well and stick your clean finger in the food to look for hot spots.  It is not a good idea to microwave the steamed food, as it can overheat and burn your baby.

When feeding your baby, never put the spoon in a jar full of food.  The saliva on the spoon will break down the food and you will have to throw out the rest.

Keep your food in the freezer by date, with the newer batches going behind the old.  The food can be frozen for three months.  Once you see how rich in color these steamed foods are, you will never want to go back to jarred, store-bought baby food.

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Avoiding the Creative Crimes of the Century

Criminals are increasingly creative in the methods by which they steal your identity, your money, and your life. They are usually several steps ahead of the average consumer. With how many of the following "creative" schemes are you familiar?

* "Dumpster-diving"

* "Mail theft"


* "Phishing"

* "Skimming"

* "Shoulder-surfing"

One of the positive things criminals have done, if I may say so, is add "creative" terms to our vocabulary. It always amazes me how intelligent and creative criminals can be! - Always one step ahead of their next victim, and ultimately, the law!

Whether they go after your mail, or go "dumpster-diving", or go "shoulder surfing", or "pharming", the end results are always the same: They become successful over another innocent victim!

Identity criminals are basically lazy people, in my opinion. Rather than getting a legitimate job, they would rather come up with "creative" schemes to part their victims from their personal information and their money.

One of the laziest ways they steal our identity, usually with our unwitting help, is through "Dumpster-diving". They simply sort through a person's trash for paper records such as credit card offers, bank statements, past paid bills, or anything that has your personal and financial information. Sometimes they can obtain a full profile of us from separate documents (such as church records, car repair records, personal letters, medical records, etc.) they find. And businesses as well as consumers fall victim to this one form of theft.

Mail theft is a low-tech method lazy criminals use to go after your personal and financial information. As with "dumpster-diving", it another easy way for criminals to get what they want with hardly any effort on their part, thanks to our unwitting help. For example, we leave a red flag on our mailbox to alert the mail carrier that there is out-going mail to be picked up. Or the mail carrier might do likewise to alert us to pick up our mail. Unfortunately, criminals love this because they tell them that the mailbox is ripe for the picking. A friend of mines calls this "The Low-Handing Fruit Scheme".

"Shoulder-surfing" is a low-tech, low-touch technique criminals use to get your information - and they boldly do so in public places usually right under our noses or over our shoulders. Typically they would watch or listen carefully as we key our credit card number or password into a keypad, or give our account number over the telephone. And don't for a moment think that they have to be standing within earshot to steal your info. No!

Sophisticated shoulder surfers have been known to use bioculars, telescopes, or super-sensitive listening devices to steal your info from across the room or across the street. Sometimes they will record the sounds for accurate playback. Recording of the keypad sounds help them analyze those tones for replicated PIN numbers and passwords. Some criminals standing nearby may even use their camera-cellphone to record the numbers they see or take a picture over your shoulder.

"Pharming" comes in several version. I'll just discuss one here. Similar to "Phishing", "Pharming" is an electronic scam in which criminals attempt to steal personal and financial information from numerous people simultaneously through something known as "Domain Spooling". Here the hackers take over a DNS server and redirect user information to a new website that they use to gather illegal information.

"Phishing" also bears mentioning here. It is a scam in which you, the consumer, are tricked into entering your personal and financial information (account numbers, Social Security number, PIN number, password, etc.) via a bogus email and website form. The email looks as if it was sent from a company with whom most consumers may have an affiliation, such as AOL ®, PayPal ®, eBay ®, or a major bank or credit card company; but, in reality, are nothing more than identity thieves hiding behind the email.

"Skimming" is a another growing identity theft scam where criminals quickly and temporarily steal a credit card and run it through a credit card reader known as a skimmer that has been reprogrammed to steal information off the card. Often, this takes place at a hectic retail store where a consumer might not notice that their credit card has been taken from them for a few moments.

And the list goes on. I'm sure that by the time you read this, there will be several new types to describe new and creative way these cybercriminals have come up with to part you from your personal information and your money. It's seem to be a losing battle - but don't give up hope yet. There are several resources that will come to your aid. I've compiled them on my blog at http://www.ProtectingYourIdentity.blogspot.com/.

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Artists Biographies on Film: Top Movies about Visual Artists

Visual artists biographies is a popular theme in the movie world. Moviemakers have always been fascinated by visual artists biographies, especially if it includes struggle with insanity, drug addiction or social conventions. In addition, it gives them an opportunity to depict original or resurrected artworks on the big screen.
Here you can read about some of the most interesting movies about visual artists biographies.
Lust for Life directed by Vincente Minnelli in 1952 

Vincent Van Gogh biography had gained several cinematic adaptations. Lust for Life with Kirk Douglas as the struggling artist is one of the most notable. The movie is based on a best selling book by Irving Stone, who also authored The Agony and the Ecstasy about Michelangelo, which also had appeared on the silver screen.

If you are a fan of Van Gogh artwork, you would enjoy watching Last for Life, which features almost 200 of Van Goghs original paintings. However, if you are familiar with Kirk Douglas previous filmographic, seeing him as a tortured Dutch painter might take a little adjustment. Another recommended film about Van Gogh is Robert Altmans Vincent and Theo from 1990.

Surviving Picasso directed by James Ivory in 1996

Like Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso image made him an iconic figure outside the artistic circles. While Van Gogh symbolizes the self destructive, manic depressive artist who achieves success only after his death, Picasso represents the misanthropic and womanizer artist. Picasso infamous relationship with women is the focus of this Merchant and Ivory film. The story is told from the eyes of Picasso mistress Francoise Gilot and features only reproductions of Picasso works. With Anthony Hopkins talent and his physical resemblance to Picasso, Surviving Picasso manages to create an unflattering portrait of an artist as a cruel, self centered genius.

Girl with Pearl Earring directed by Peter Webber in 2003

Comparing to Van Gogh and Picasso, Vermeers biography is less known and less controversial. Therefore Girl with Pearl Earring is much more restrained and delicate. The movie focuses on a short period in Vermeers life in which he was painting the portrait of his young low class maid. Although Girl with Pearl Earring does not avoid filmic conventions by over dramatizing Vermeers painting process, the movie is worth watching if only for its artistic design, which success in evoking Vermeers perception of light and color.

Basquiat directed by Julian Schnabel in 1996

The most common critique against movies that deals with visual arts is the way they depict the creation process. Therefore, there were big expectations from Basquiat, which was directed by the celebrated painter Julian Schnabel. Schnabel did well in depicting Jean Michelle Basquiat rise and fall story in less the predictable manner we have seen millions time before. However, the only reason to watch Basquiat is David Bowie plays the role of Andy Warhol.

Frida directed by Julie Taymor in 2002

Like most of the visual artists who had their life story appear on the silver screen, Frida Kahlo carried an unusual biography, which includes bus accident, problematic marriage, and an affair with Leon Trotsky. Like Van Gogh, Picasso and Jackson Pollock, who was the subject of a biopic from 2000, Frida Kahlo was an icon long before Frida was released, but the 123 minutes film did help to strength her position as a feminist idol and probably the most famous woman painter of the 20 century. Frida tries its best to integrate Frida Kahlo life story with her painting and the result is very colorful and pleasant, but still does not stay far enough from the conventions of depicting artists on film.

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Art Theft: Most Famous Cases in History

Art theft is an ancient and complicated crime. When you look at the some of the most famous cases of art thefts in history, you see thoroughly planned operations that involve art dealers, art fakers, mobsters, ransoms, and millions of dollars. Here you can read about some of the most famous cases of art theft in the history.

The First Theft:
The first documented case of art theft was in 1473, when two panels of altarpiece of the Last Judgment by the Dutch painter Hans Memling were stolen. While the triptych was being transported by ship from the Netherlands to Florence, the ship was attacked by pirates who took it to the Gdansk cathedral in Poland. Nowadays, the piece is shown at the National Museum in Gdansk where it was recently moved from the Basilica of the Assumption.

The Most Famous Theft:
The most famous story of art theft involves one of the most famous paintings in the world and one of the most famous artists in history as a suspect. In the night of August 21, 1911, the Mona Lisa was stolen out of the Louver. Soon after, Pablo Picasso was arrested and questioned by the police, but was released quickly.

It took about two years until the mystery was solved by the Parisian police. It turned out that the 30×21 inch painting was taken by one of the museum employees by the name of Vincenzo Peruggia, who simply carried it hidden under his coat. Nevertheless, Peruggia did not work alone. The crime was carefully conducted by a notorious con man, Eduardo de Valfierno, who was sent by an art faker who intended to make copies and sell them as if they were the original painting.

While Yves Chaudron, the art faker, was busy creating copies for the famous masterpiece, Mona Lisa was still hidden at Peruggias apartment. After two years in which Peruggia did not hear from Chaudron, he tried to make the best out of his stolen good. Eventually, Peruggia was caught by the police while trying to sell the painting to an art dealer from Florence, Italy. The Mona Lisa was returned to the Louver in 1913.

The Biggest Theft in the USA:
The biggest art theft in United States took place at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. On the night of March 18, 1990, a group of thieves wearing police uniforms broke into the museum and took thirteen paintings whose collective value was estimated at around 300 million dollars. The thieves took two paintings and one print by Rembrandt, and works of Vermeer, Manet, Degas, Govaert Flinck, as well as a French and a Chinese artifact.    

As of yet, none of the paintings have been found and the case is still unsolved. According to recent rumors, the FBI are investigating the possibility that the Boston Mob along with French art dealers are connected to the crime.

The Scream:
The painting by Edvard Munchs, The Scream, is probably the most sought after painting by art thieves in history. It has been stolen twice and was only recently recovered. In 1994, during the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway, The Scream was stolen from an Oslo gallery by two thieves who broke through an open window, set off the alarm and left a note saying: thanks for the poor security.

Three months later, the holders of the painting approached the Norwegian Government with an offer: 1 million dollars ransom for Edvard Munchs The Scream. The Government turned down the offer, but the Norwegian police collaborated with the British Police and the Getty Museum to organize a sting operation that brought back the painting to where it belongs.

Ten years later, The Scream was stolen again from the Munch Museum. This time, the robbers used a gun and took another of Munchs painting with them. While Museum officials waiting for the thieves to request ransom money, rumors claimed that both paintings were burned to conceal evidence. Eventually, the Norwegian police discovered the two paintings on August 31, 2006 but the facts on how they were recovered are not known yet.

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Art Competition Paints Picture of Cancer

A cancer diagnosis brings out many emotions that cannot always be expressed through words alone. Art, however, can bring them to life in a powerful way.

An international competition is giving cancer patients, survivors, their families, physicians and others affected by cancer a chance to share their experiences and inspire others through art. Entries for "Lilly Oncology on Canvas: Expressions of a Cancer Journey" are being accepted through July 31. This is the second contest presented by Eli Lilly and Co., in partnership with the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship.

"People affected by cancer experience a range of complex emotions, which are often difficult to express," said Dr. Richard Gaynor, vice president of cancer research for Lilly. "Lilly Oncology on Canvas helps to give these emotions a voice, one that has resonance and meaning."

Contestants are invited to submit original works of art in the following categories: oil, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, photography and other (one-dimensional) art. A narrative explaining the artist's "journey" with cancer should accompany the artwork.

Winners will be notified in the fall of 2006. Monetary prizes will be awarded to the cancer charities of their choice. All art entered in the competition will be displayed for public viewing at the Royal College of Art in Kensington Gore in London. The international panel of judges comprises cancer survivors, oncologists, journalists, cancer advocates and artists.

More than 400 pieces of art from 23 countries were entered in the first Lilly Oncology on Canvas competition. The collection continues to travel the world.

"Lilly Oncology on Canvas brings us all closer to the heart of the cancer journey, enabling those who view the exhibit to experience the range of emotions that cancer survivors or those who care for them experience, and find hope in their inspirational artworks," said Ellen Stovall, president and chief executive officer of the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship.

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Are You Lucky

Do you have someone who can feel the pain in your eyes? Do you have someone who can understand the ache of your heart? Do you have someone who can understand your misery? Do you have someone who can understand your helplessness? Do you have someone who can wipe your tears? Do you have someone who will not ask you not to cry, but will give you a shoulder to cry upon? Do you have someone who waits for you? Do you have someone who keeps awake with you? Do you have someone who will talk to people on your behalf? Do you have someone who will feel the pain of your life? Do you have someone who knows that you don't want to live, but are forced to live? Do you have a true companion?

I am not talking only about a wife or a husband or a friend or a companion? Anyone it can be. But do you have someone who understands you and who is with you always? If yes, you are a very lucky person. God has given you all the luck you wanted. Because getting a person like what I talked above is very difficult. You will rather find that during your time of hardships, pains and misery, you are alone. No one will understand your actions or motives. They will argue with you. They will suggest you. But they will not be with you. You will have to face your misery all alone and on that day, you will cry for someone who understands you.

You will not get that person. Your beating heart may stop with the pain. People will gather to bury you. But no one will help you live, when you wanted. That time you will probably thank death for getting you away from this world of loneliness.

Kamis, 18 Februari 2010

Are You Looking To Purchase Artwork For Your Home

Go to an art festival to save money on your purchase.

Are you looking to purchase artwork for your home, but you want to save money on it. Try going out to an art festival to find it.

Art festivals are great ways to save money on any kind of art. Whether you are looking for paintings, pottery, sculptures or sketches. Art festivals are also great ways to purchase original works of art. You never know you may be buying from on unknown artist that may be worth more in the future. It is especially ideal for art lovers who are looking for one of a kind pieces of art.

There are many different artists selling their original pieces at an art festival. Whatever your preference in art there is a choice. These festivals are great opportunities for unknown artists to get their work out there and be known for their talents. This is a great way for an art dealer to find some extra pieces for their shop.

You don't have to go to make a purchase. Just go out there and see all the talents that the locals in your area have. You will be amazed at how much talent you are surround by every day. Is a nice way to get and enjoy the neighborhood. Spend the day relaxing as you look at art and socialize with happy people and art lovers. There is usually food and refreshments available too. So you could go just to get a taste of what the local vendors have to offer. Take your time stroll around and browse at all there is to see.

Homemade jewelry is also something you will find if you attend an art festival. Whether you are looking for necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings. There is beaded jewelry and there is homemade jewelry made with silver or gold. It is always fun to have a unique piece of jewelry.

There are also many kinds of crafts available. If you are crafty yourself use the opportunity to fill up on your own craft supplies, you might save some cash rather then going to the craft store. Buy it as a gift if you know someone crafty who will appreciate it.

Art festivals are usually a yearly event in most areas. Not everyone town has one. You could see if there is an art festival that is easy to travel too. They are also lots of fun and the locals love it. They look forwarded to it every year. Why wouldn't they, there are a lot of art lovers all over. Don't pass up the chance to see what the local artists around you have to offer. See when and where the next art festival is available near you.

Rabu, 17 Februari 2010

Are you a Rhino or a Cow?

Success is achieved in very different ways.
There are different types of people in the world. Thank goodness we are not all alike. That would definitely be boring. Some people are happy with a job with a good company for many years, then retiring, others don’t want to keep the same job for too long and keep looking for something better, and still others want to work for themselves.

I read a great book one time called Rhinoceros Success. Actually it was the first of a three part series of books by Scott Alexander. In the book he described people and the hunt for success in a very unique way. I’ll give you a taste of what he tried to put across in his books.

There have been a lot of books written about how to sell, how to succeed in business, and other similar titles. Many of them give complicated formulas for success. In Scott’s books, he broke it down really simple.

He said, there are two types of people in the world, rhinos and cows. There are happy and sad rhinos and there are happy and sad cows.

Let’s start with the sad rhino. You all know a sad rhino. He or she is the workaholic. They are very successful at what they do but they are miserable doing it. They have a drive to succeed and make everyone around them miserable, but succeed they do.

These are the people that yell a lot, stress out over deadlines, and think the world is coming to an end if they don’t succeed at every little thing they do and when they don’t it’s someone else’s fault for not being a sad rhino too.

They are also the people who tend to die young of a heart attack or a stroke because of the enormous pressure they put on themselves. But don’t worry. If you are a sad rhino, I have advice for you later in this article.

Now, let’s go on to the happy rhino. These people are just as driven as the sad rhino to succeed, except they enjoy every minute of it. They know success is an elusive prey, but it’s the actual hunt they love more than the success itself.

They will always succeed because they do enjoy the hunt, not just the achievement after the hunt. It’s not even about the money. They enjoy succeeding and pushing those around them to succeed. They are usually ones who will give others more than their fair share of chances to succeed.

If you are a happy rhino, I have good news and bad news for you. I’ll give you the bad news first. I don’t have any advice for you later in this article. The good news is, you don’t need my advice. You are well on your own way to success. I’ll see you there. But make sure you are really a happy rhino.

A happy rhino gets up every morning way before they need to because they look forward to every day and want to get a head start. A happy rhino doesn’t need to yell at and bully others because they will follow the happy rhinos lead out of respect and because they want to be like them. A happy rhino leads by example.

A happy rhino let’s nothing get in their way. In the wild a real rhino charges at it’s prey in a straight line. If weeds and brush scratch at them, they have a thick skin and ignore it. If they fall down, they get right back up and immediately begin charging at their prey. There are single-minded of purpose, looking straight ahead and will not lose focus on their goal.

If success in your home business is your prey and you want to be a happy rhino, you have to do the things a happy rhino does. You have to charge after your success, not just do a daily grind. You have to enthusiastically charge! You cannot let the little things equal to the brush and weeds bother you. Have a thick skin and ignore those as just distractions. If something knocks you down, you have to immediately get back up and charge after your successful home business. So, are you really a happy rhino yet?

Okay, time to move on to the happy cows. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a happy cow. Us happy rhinos need all the happy cows we can get. Everyone has their own idea of success and not everyone wants to be a rhino at all. They don’t want to go go go or drive drive drive.

A happy cow is one who is happy working for a happy rhino. They love to help their boss succeed as long as they are treated well. The happy cow won’t work for a sad rhino for too long. They just want a good life, a good family, and a good job.

Some of them can have moderately successful home businesses, working for themselves even. They won’t have the same success as the rhinos, but they are not after that, They are happy with a little less and just want to enjoy life. They do not get all of their happiness from chasing success, like the rhino does.

Now let’s talk about the sad cows. They stand around chewing their cud, not doing very much, kind of biding their time. Then they see the happy rhino drive by in their Rolls Royce and say “Look at that lucky #$%^&”!”

Then they lower their head and go right back to grazing, not doing anything to change their lot in life, accepting whatever is given to them. They grumble that anyone who is successful, the sad and happy rhinos and even the happy cows, are just lucky and they can’t seem to get a break.

Admit it. You know at least one sad cow. Do you like being around the sad cow? Are you the sad cow? If you are or have a friend who is the sad cow, I give the following advice for sad cows.

Stop thinking everyone else is just lucky. Stop blaming other people for your own mistakes and laziness. Sit down and truthfully list your bad habits. If you need a trusted friend or family member to help you, get them to help you do this.

But you have to admit these mistakes and bad habits from the heart and immediately begin to change them one by one. You’ll be amazed at how fast you will become a happier cow, then maybe even a happy rhino if you want it bad enough.

Now my advice for all you sad rhinos out there. It’s great that you are succeeding in your home or other business. But YOU ARE LOSING ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND ALIENATING ALL THOSE AROUND YOU, EVEN YOUR OWN FAMILY!

Get a clue. Succeeding in business is great. Succeeding in life is way more important though. Stop yelling. Know when enough is enough. Quit being a bully. Quit taking advantage of people. Quit taking people for granted. You think they will always be there to do your bidding and if they aren’t, well you didn’t need them anyway.

Nothing is further from the truth. The saying it’s lonely at the top was meant for sad rhinos. There will come a day when you are all alone with your success and you will find success alone is not a very good companion.

As for the happy rhinos, I only ask these things of you. Find a sad rhino and teach them to be a happy rhino. They will listen to you and you only. Take a happy cow to lunch. Try to sit a sad cow down and teach them what they are doing wrong.

I hope this article helps you find out where you are in your hunt for a successful home or other type of business and in your life. I also hope it helps you understand how to change the habits you might need to change or helps you help someone else learn about being successful.

Selasa, 16 Februari 2010

Cost-Saving Techniques Help Local Charities Focus On Relief Programs

The worst of nature's fury often brings out the best in people's generosity toward those affected by disasters. For example, according to national headquarters of the American Red Cross, the organization received more than $2.12 billion from September to December 2005 to help victims of Hurricane Katrina in the south-central United States, with much of the money contributed through local American Red Cross chapters around the country.

What many people may not realize is that 100 percent of those dedicated donations went straight to the national Red Cross organization, creating some unintended fund-raising challenges for local chapters in their ongoing mission to serve the needs of people closer to home.

"Americans were very generous in giving to major national and international relief campaigns throughout the past year," said Rick Hankins, director of administrative services and information technology for the Greater Cleveland Chapter of the American Red Cross.

"At the same time, events like Hurricane Katrina lead to what we call 'donor fatigue'; people feel like they've already given all they can," he said. "Meanwhile, there are still between one to three house fires in the greater Cleveland area each night, and we still depend heavily on local donations in order to help those families."

When local donations dip below expected levels, charitable organizations such as local chapters of the Red Cross must quickly adjust their budgets and reduce expenses wherever possible. One way Hankins and his fellow managers have succeeded at this is through adopting new financial management technology to help them create more accurate budgets with less administrative overhead.

"We've switched from compiling budget spreadsheets by hand, which used to take days or weeks, to a Web-based budgeting application called Microsoft Forecaster that automates the entire process," he said. "By managing our resources more effectively, we can put a bigger slice of every dollar toward helping people in need."

Other ways the Cleveland-area Red Cross and chapters elsewhere have streamlined their operations include delivering more volunteer training classes online instead of in a classroom, and using the Web and e-mail to reach a larger pool of potential donors at a lower cost compared with regular mail.

"Technology has made a big difference in helping us work smarter," Hankins said, "so our donors can know that their gifts truly have a positive impact in this community."

Are You A Potential Crime Victim?

Follow these suggestions and avoid becoming the next crime victim.

I've been in law enforcement for 17 years and have a great deal of experience working in the street and dealing with the common problems and crimes of the average person. This article addresses the common crimes that are occuring to people when removed from their homes. This is to make you aware of them and how to reduce your chances of becoming a victim.

                          Unattended Property

Many people in the city become a victim to this crime. This mainly happens when someone is in a public place and puts down their wallet, purses, etc., doesn't pay attention, and then someone picks it up when noone is watching. Popular places for this crime to occur are coffeshops, bars, supermarkets,
gyms, churches, schools, your place of business, just about any public place.To help avoid this happening to you follow these guidelines. Never leave anything down by itself, even where you work! It's as simple as that. If you do have to put something down make sure that you or someone that you are with keeps a close eye on it. If a criminal is trying to take it odds are he won't if he/she sees someone paying attention. These criminals want to steal your property and walk away when noone is watching, they don't want to be seen or chased. Do not leave items of value in your car, especially your wallet
when playing sports or when you are at the beach.


Otherwise known as a Grand Larceny in the Penal Law. This usually occurs when someone removes something from someone else's pocket, bag or purse. Famous places for this to occur are subways, buses, bus stops, bars, stores, crowded sidewalks. It can happen in just about any busy, noisy, crowded place.Follow these suggestions so they don't get you. For women always carry your pocketbook towards the front. When carried on the back or side you cannot see when someone is trying to reach in. For the men always carry your wallet in your front pocket instead of your back pocket or in a jacket pocket. For those of you who are tired or had too much to drink and are traveling on public transportation, don't fall asleep! Falling asleep  makes it much easier and the criminals will even cut your pocket open to get out that wallet, it happens all the time on the subway. In addition to the above
just be aware of what is going on around you, criminals will strike when someone is not paying attention.


More famously known to the public as a purse or chain snatch. There are many new snatches out there today. The criminal will take just about anything from you. These include cell phones, money, ipods, metro cards from the subway. Many times these criminals are on bicyles for a fast snatch
and getaway.Right now cell phones seem to be the most popular. The best way to avoid this from happening to you is not to carry those cellphones, ipods, money and cards in your hand. When not using these items put them away in a safe place. When you have to keep them out, such as when talking
on your cellphone, be aware of your surroundings. Place yourself in a position where it would be hard for someone to run or walk by you and hold onto them tightly when someone is near. As with all the other crimes listed here, pay attention to your surroundings.


A Robbery is when someone takes property of another by using force. That force can be physical or just the threat of force. I save this for last because all the crimes discussed above can easily become Robberies. If the purse snatch is done with force, it's a Robbery. Many times a criminal will use
force to steal that money, cell phone, ipod, etc., instead of just snatching it. So if you follow all the guidelines above for unattended property, snatches, pickpockets you will automatically reduce your chances of getting robbed. When driving in your car make sure you keep your doors locked to prevent someone entering. Leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you so you can move forward and around if necessary when approached by someone. If you live in an apartment building never enter the building with someone you've never seen before. If you see a stranger in the lobby or
hallway after entering turn around and leave. Use extreme caution and make sure noone is following you when you have just come from the following places: cash checking, banks or any place where you displayed some money.

Follow these safety guidelines and you will definitely reduce your chances of becoming a victim. If a criminal approaches you and tries to commit any of these crimes, it is important to remember not to resist. Your life is more important than your property. Property can always be replaced but not you.
Stay safe!

Senin, 15 Februari 2010

Are You A Caring Lover?

What kind of lover you are? Do you care for your beloved? Or you are more concerned about what you get in love? Those who care in love always win at the end.

What kind of lover you are? Do you care for your beloved? Or you are more concerned about what you get in love? Those who care in love always win at the end. Because their care shows in their character and they feel good that they care about someone.

Unless your love is not a synonym for physical relation, your love must transcend ordinary relationships. Let me give you an example. A mothers relation with her children is beyond and different from every other relationship. Similarly, if you truly love, you will care, because to love means to care. What about you? Are you a caring lover?

Let me ask you a simple question. Your darling has not bothered to call you for few days. What kind of ideas do you get? Your answer to this question will tell you a lot about your love. Do you suspect that he/she might have fallen in love with somebody else/ or that they are not bothered about you? Or that there may be something wrong, otherwise it is impossible that your lover will not call. Unless your answer is the last one, you need to rethink about your relationship and you may not call it as love.

To love means to give. Love demands that you keep your beloved happy. You forgive them for major blunders. You be with them through everything. Love means to become one with your sweetheart. Unless that happens, it is not love, but a pretense of love. If you love, you must care.

Minggu, 14 Februari 2010

Are Psychics For Real?

Do they or do they not exist? This is the 24-dollar question that is in the mind of most people whose lives have been touched by a psychic in a negative or positive way.

Psychics were and are still controversial to this day because certain sectors associate their work sorcery or witchcraft. Psychic research was considered a taboo as early as the 1900s that no self respecting scientist would dare do such research or keep any book about psychics.

People looked at the fiel...

Do they or do they not exist? This is the 24-dollar question that is in the mind of most people whose lives have been touched by a psychic in a negative or positive way.

Psychics were and are still controversial to this day because certain sectors associate their work sorcery or witchcraft. Psychic research was considered a taboo as early as the 1900s that no self respecting scientist would dare do such research or keep any book about psychics.

People looked at the field dishonorably that it needed someone already credible and secure enough with his career and reputation to delve on psychic studies. This was made possible by William McDougal who referred to paranormal studies as parapsychology. Joseph Banks Rhine, a student of MacDougal, was later known as the father of the study of modern parapsychology.

Rhine was however different form all the others who believed in parapsychology because he fearlessly exposed fake psychics but continued to perform controlled tests that would help in the development of psychic research. The tests conducted by Rhine proved that a person’s psychic talents were not hampered by distance or time. Rhine’s experiments and conclusions and his book on Extra Sensory Perception or ESP made him famous in the psychic world but it also got him the ire of many skeptics.

Aside from MacDougal and Rhine, there are many people who have acquired credit for being involved in paranormal studies or practices. Majority of these people braved the possibility of being ridiculed by a world that has considered paranormal activities as bordering on insanity.

A closer look at history will however show that people possessed inherent powers to detect things and to protect themselves. Hundreds of years ago, people had natural abilities to sense danger but this all changed when humans became dependent n technology. Today, humans no longer use their senses to predict things, but rely on multi-media to tell them almost everything.

The invention of multi-media has changed man’s ability to sense things and has destroyed his inner gift to mediate and visualize things. Modern disturbances have forced man to unlearn the use of his inner voice that warns him whenever something is amiss.

The modern society looked condescendingly on paranormal studies and practices that there are states that consider fortunetelling as an illegal activity. But the critics of paranormal studies could not also be blamed because there are those who use their alleged paranormal gifts to make money. There are fortuneteller who appear to be giving you new information abut yourself but in fact, such information was only deduced from the information you gave or revealed abut yourself and your family.

Psychics exist. However, it is up to you if you believe they have supernatural powers that can help build or destroy life.

Sabtu, 13 Februari 2010

Are GayTruckers Real?

Are GayTruckers real?

Well to answer this question, YES!

Like with any industry, you will find gay men. As with Truckers, There is Gay ones out there that Drive for a living.
Known as a Gay Trucker. At the GayTruckstop Network™ we actually have a large listing of Truckers, From Bi Truckers to to curious Truckers.
We offer the tools for you to find and possibly meet these men to!. We have a process where we feature Gay Truck Drivers to.
We will feature a Driver when we know that individual is real!. This keeps people real at GayTruckstop.

GayTruckstop Profile: Guner , He drives for a living and owns a Blue Peterbilt.
Guner is on the site every day and most times you can even find him in our video chat driving up and down the highways with his cam on.
Technology is cool isnt it!... Guner uses a Verizon Air Card. This allows him to log into the net from virtually anywhere.
Even while moving!. Guner uses a special desk that converts his rider seat into a mounted desk.
This is how he drives with the cam on showing you a real Gay Truckers life on the highway!.

GayTruckstop Profile: TruckerNorm , certainly isnt one of the forgoten ones. Norm is the founder of the Gay Truckers Association!.
Also a personal and good friend of mine!. TruckerNorm has drove big rigs most all his life.
Norm Logs into GayTruckstop on a weekly basis and is looking for friends... Drive Safe TruckerNorm!...

GayTruckstop Profile: Siegfried9 , is another of our drivers that logs in on a weekly to bi weekly basis into the Truck Stop.
Siegfried9 has been a gay trucker for years now!. Drive Safe Siegfried9!.

Some drivers are Cruising for Sex, Others want friendship, Some drivers want it all and are pigs!.
Truckers are a fine line of men delivering freight.

GayTruckstop Profile: YurLoadnMe , is another of our drivers. He logs into the site on a weekly basis.
Is a Owner Operator and has a dam nice truck!. Be sure to ask him what his current routes is. He keeps you posted on where he is!.
Drive safe YurLoadnMe!...

We have a large listing of Real Truckers and Real Trucker Admirers at GayTruckstop Network™ and Gay Truckers are as real as anyone!

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Are Drug Addicts Victims Or Criminals?

According to most defense attorneys, politicians, religious leaders, Hollywood celebrities and Democrats as well as many prosecutors and judges and as well as a large part of the American public who have been brainwashed by the "politically correct arbitrators", drug addicts are victims.

This article is about people who are addicted to illegal drugs, not people who become addicted to prescription drugs that were originaly prescribed by a licensed physician for a legitimate reason.

According to most defense attorneys, politicians, religious leaders, Hollywood celebrities and Democrats as well as many prosecutors and judges and as well as a large part of the American public who have been brainwashed by the "politically correct arbitrators", drug addicts are victims.

As far as I am concerned, that is a bunch of hogwash. Drug addicts are most definitely criminals. Not only are they criminals, they are as bad as, and should be punished in the same manner as, drug peddlers.

I don't feel sorry for drug users and addicts. A drug user, with very few exceptions (ie: Someone with an IQ of under sixty), knew the very first time he or she took illegal drugs that he or she was breaking the law. Therefore, the drug user, at that point, became a criminal. The drug user was not only breaking the law, he or she was also aiding and abetting the criminal that gave or sold the user the drugs. The user was providing, or would in the future provide, money or services to the peddler that would enable the peddler to stay in business and to break more laws. If there were no users, there would be no peddlers and if there were no peddlers there would be no drug lords. There would be no drug lords who could use their money to commit murder, nor cause murder to be commited. There would be no drug lords to bribe government officials, no drug lords to pay people to grow and cultivate plants to be turned into drugs. In other words if there were no drug users there would be no drug trafficking.

People have said to me, "I only smoke marijuana, and smoking marijuana should not be against the law because it is no worse than drinking acohol. Additionally, if it is a crime it is a victimless crime.". I tell them that they are wrong. In the first place drinking alcohol is legal for people over the age of twenty one (Whether or not drinking alcohol should be legal is a subject for another article.). In the second place, money used to buy marijuana goes to criminals and is in many instances used to commit more crimes. In the third place, some people resort to crime in order to support their habit. In the fourth place, many people while smoking marijauna, become idiots, and while being forced to talk to or deal with those people may not be considered a crime... it should be.

Many people state that the laws against using certain drugs are bad laws, therefore it is okay to break those laws. Well, I have news for them, if they use those drugs, they are breaking those laws (good or bad) and they are still criminals and they still deserve to be punished. Everyone has their own ideas as to which laws are good and which laws are bad. If everyone only adhered to the laws that they approved of then we would have anarchy.

If you don't like the current drug laws, work to have them changed. In the meantime every time you use illegal drugs you are helping someone either, a criminal or a terrorist, get into a position where they can commit more crimes, including possibly taking the lives of innocent people. This means that you could, indirectly, be killing innocent people in order to have your fun.

As far as I am concerned, anyone who would put people's lives in jeopardy in order to "enjoy" the use of illegal drugs, should be sent to prison for a long time. The idea that we should be helping and rehabilitating these 'poor', 'abused' drug addicts is baloney. People that are addicted to illegal drugs started out as criminals and are still criminals. They knew that they were breaking the law and, unless they were really stupid, they knew there was a chance that they could become addicted. They might have thought that they were too smart or too strong to become addicted, but they still knew that there was, no matter how small, a chance that it could happen.

Remember, if there were no drug users there would be no drug trafficking.

Kamis, 11 Februari 2010

Are All Of Us Cruel In Some Way

The dictionary meaning of word cruel says - to make someone suffer or to give pain to someone. Are all of us cruel in our own ways? Some of us are more than others, but is cruelty a part of every personality?

Let us look at it from the other side? Don't we all feel that many times our friends, family and even the people dearest to us act in ways that hurt us? Sometimes, we tell them about it, and sometimes we ignore. But is it not true that all those who relate with us closely at some point in our life, hurt us? The hurt may not be by a deed. It can be words spoken harshly. It can be misunderstanding our motives and giving them different color. It can be accusing us for no fault of ours. Or it can be simply not trying to understand us. All these actions hurt us. Don't we think at that time that if the other party had been more understanding, we would have felt more comfortable?

Cruelty does not escape even the most loving mothers. When a mother is tense and tired, many times, she lets her child cry for milk for sometime ignoring the cries and rather cursing the child of hunger at all the times. The child does not understand any of his/her mother's problems, but only wants to be fed. It is not the child's mistake, but he /she is hurt. Why? Husbands knowingly not trying to help their wives in household chores, wives knowing all about husband's career problems still blaming him for small mistakes, children in a class room, targeting a child for a physical quality, and so on. Are all these not parts of a cruel nature?

Companies not responding immediately to consumer's problems, consumers hammering the companies for smallest faults, lawsuits being filed for trivial matters, students made to slog in the schools to get higher marks at the cost of their childhood, politicians accusing each other of crimes never committed, and so many other such instances that can be cited to prove that somewhere in our life, we begin losing our compassion. Sadly, in most of the cases, we are not aware of our cruelty. We become aware of it only when we are targeted. Don't you agree that the world is slowly becoming a cruel world?

Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

Anyone To Care For You

Are you a fortunate person to have someone in your life who cares for you? I don't mean care in the sense it is commonly used.

Are you a fortunate person to have someone in your life who cares for you? I don't mean care in the sense it is commonly used. But who cares for you like your mother used to, when you were a child? You are a grown-up person now. Does that imply that you don't need anyone to take your care? Don't you need someone to ask you if you are ok? And then to try and make you comfortable? Don't you need someone who knows what you like and then to arrange for it? Don't you need someone who will put balm on your aching legs? Who will smother you with love, when you feel lonely?

Don't you want someone to just come and sit beside you and talk to you in silence? Don't you need someone who will make you cry, because you want to, but can not because you are an adult? Don't you feel that you need someone in front of whom you can cry your heart out? And be sure that someone will wipe your tears? Or because you are adult, such things are not done? Even if one feels extreme pain of any kind, one can cry either in church or all alone in a park? We are adults. But there is a child in all of us. We are fighters, but sometimes we lose the battles. We can bear every pain, but sometimes the pain can overcome our capacity. We all need a person in our life, who can be our mother, even if we are eighty years old. Who can understand that we need care. We wish to be pampered. We want someone to take our face in lap and comfort us. Yes, we can deny all this, but we need someone who cares for us.

All of us need a person who takes our care. If we are allowed to cry, if we are made to speak about all our troubles, if we are pampered to relax us, we will feel heavenly. But unfortunately we are all adults. These essentials of living are for kids. For adults, it is a corner in their homes or in the office, where they can sit and worry and show to the world that they are adults.

Selasa, 09 Februari 2010

And I thought I was the father of all my children!

This regards a subject that is unfortunately becoming hotter in the realm of divorces and all the consequences men go through because no law exists yet to help them stand up against their ex-spouse who decided to have as many children as they want out of the marriage. The defrauded men end up responsible to pay!

Copyright 2006 Pauline Houle

In some foreign cultures, not so long ago, women entering into adulterous behaviour had their nose cut off so the rest of the female community would know what to expect if they broke their bond with their husband. Other cultures, still to this day, disfigure their women if they even lay eyes on another man and thus dishonour the family or the clan.

Centuries ago, women were burnt as the witch-hunt we all have heard about used to be the usual and customary. Fire was purifier of evil. Yes, women (and some men) have seen and lived the full spectrum of tortures and overpowering attitudes common to the ancient and non-evolved patriarchal society.  So it was then.   As a woman, I am part of a gender that was influenced forever as a result of those behaviours. Women's lib is a reaction, a rebellion that was over due.

However, I believe in some cases, some of us have let it go way too far. Time has come for the pendulum to swing back not only to a path of having rights and privileges but mainly to a very profound sense of responsibility about the consequences of our actions. Higher conscience always comes at the price of becoming responsible and accountable. Justice and equality always require one to be responsible for one’s own actions.

Lately, the medical world through its great scientific discoveries and its newest findings, have unravelled a myriad of possibilities for cures of all sorts. Amongst those findings, the almost "bullet proof" reliability of DNA testing has helped conquer numerous deadly diseases and solve many crimes. On the other hand, all those wonderful discoveries have presented a key to unlock a secret that some women thought safe forever. Let’s explore that new reality.

As a therapist and a long time researcher in human behaviour, it appears a growing number of people explore extra-marital sexual encounters in their life; it seems to have become the "soup du jour". If an affair results in pregnancy, the woman can go for an abortion, that is a decision she can make and that is the end of it. But on the other hand, if after having the affair she decides to keep the baby and pass it along for her husband’s child, no one will dispute it unless she opens up the secret or else the husband starts to have a suspicion and goes to the lab with a simple swab of saliva from the baby comparing it to his in order to discover the truth.

If the husband has any doubt about his paternity, as we speak, he has 6 months after birth to contest paternity; once that time elapsed, he is stuck to act, react, be accountable and responsible for that child.   Let’s look at the usual reactions from the courtroom in our so-called modern society. Forget wandering eyes and adultery! That’s nothing!

As I write these lines, in many states and countries, a wife can bear children of a man (or men) not her husband and what happens next is at her command!   She can divorce, kick him out of “his family” and his home. She can then collect exorbitant spousal maintenance and child support to spend without accountability, she can secure a guaranteed college education for each child, she can also collect half the marital assets; to top it off, she will have deprived the father of his right to have his own genetic children. How does our culture deal with her? She gets rewarded!

To this day, in spite of the growing numbers of false paternity cases, the courts will close their eyes to the entire situation with the excuse of the “best interest of the children”. The children, for their own good, will be left with the likes of this woman to be raised. And the man left on his own to mail cheques…

Some years ago, JAMA  found that 20% of their genetic testing resulted in finding the father was not the biological father! Since early 2000, that number has jumped to 30% in the States. Over the past 6 years, I started to research and try to understand that phenomenon. I have gathered many testimonies from men over the world that have been through such an ordeal of finding out one or more of their children were not from them. They are frustrated, sad and angry. They feel “raped” and violated to no end; and the court adds to the insult by forcing them to pay the bill.

Not much has been done so far to rectify this situation. In some location, steps have been taken, as in the state of Georgia in May of 2001, following the constant efforts of Carnell Smith and his group of men, who also have been victims of identical facts. They finally saw a new law born. “From then on, a woman who lies to her mate about his biological reality regarding the children will be sued in criminal court.”  But Georgia is the exception. I invite you to reflect on the consequences that our legal system creates and promotes in overlooking such a rampant reality. Having a child born in a marriage, fathered outside the couple is becoming a plague and the detrimental consequences are unlimited.

Women engaging in such behaviour may now feel secure with this situation because of the power they have in the courtroom – but this arrangement has no place in a society that wants to promote values that will stand the test of time. The long term solution cannot have at its core hiding the truth and infringing on the fundamental rights of fathers.

There must be something done in that regard. These men are real victims and ultimately, the children as well. Whether their role has a grander, unknown and spiritual mission than one can fathom, it is no reason to do nothing and just sit and watch it happen.  In a book filled with testimonies of defrauded fathers all around the world, I propose many solutions. Some will be booed by thousands of lawyers for they risk loosing a wonderful money tree that divorce court secures for them, and at the same time, welcomed by a majority of other lawyers who have shared their intimate thoughts with me in agreeing that divorce should not be handled by any court as we know it now in our society. The radical women’s lib will want to put me in jail as well.

I urge our society to investigate the unintended results of our current laws and look for solutions that will rectify the ongoing injustices. Right now, we promote a distorted set of beliefs in handling the father’s legitimate right to bear and raise his own children. From the outsider’s point of view, it would seem that women enjoy all kinds of rights and these men end up with responsibility of other consenting adults’ actions.  As one of my correspondents shared with me: “How come if a drunk driver smashes through my house I can sue him and win and when another man sleeps with my wife and gets her pregnant, I become responsible for him?”

History shows us how laws had to be set in order to stop slavery of all kinds. No one would think in our days of enslaving coloured people and whip them to work! Why does anyone can think they can enslave non-biological fathers.

Dear Reader, I await your comments and invite your input to help me continue my research in that regard.  One thing certain, you have not finished hearing from me.

In the meantime, I offer all my compassion to those defrauded fathers and my sincere wish that those mothers finally healed why and what led them to commit this inhumane act to defraud a man of his child.

In a book soon to come out, I  have looked at the court system and the games that keep on going, I have looked at the children who find out their truth and all the ramifications such realities can engender. The paternity secret may be kept. But all too often, it is not. It may be discovered through a blood type that does not match or an organ that cannot be donated. Ultimately, the mother may not be able to keep the secret and finally let it out in a drunken destructed moment. Someone in her close circle of secrecy may violate the confidence. And how would it be if one day you discovered that your spouse is half-sister or half-brother?

What would you wish to happen if you found out you were that defrauded man? Until my next article, I wish you all the Blessings your heart desires!

Senin, 08 Februari 2010

Americans Really Do Get The Paper

While you read this publication, you're far from alone. At least in spirit. Every day, more than 200 million Americans read one or more of the nation's 1,400 daily papers.

While you read this publication, you're far from alone. At least in spirit. Every day, more than 200 million Americans read one or more of the nation's 1,400 daily papers.

There are six good reasons:

1. It's fun. Read the latest gossip, sports scores or movie reviews if you like; look at the cartoons or the comics; or read the editorials, letters from other readers and the columnists. You can discover the latest events, official announcements, inside stories and newest trends. From advice to the lovelorn to advice to the president, you can find some intriguing ideas in America's daily papers.

2. It's convenient. You can read the paper at breakfast, on the train, walking down the street or relaxing in an easy chair. You can get the information you want in the order and at the time and place you decide.

3. It's useful. You can read up on patent, copyright and trademark decisions to help you understand what the next big thing may be.

4. It's family friendly. You can cut out articles to show your youngsters and not have to worry about what they might stumble upon, as might happen with other media.

5. It's educational. When your children see you read the paper, they may be more inclined to read and learn on their own.

6. It may even help your mind stay sharp. Do the crossword puzzle or the number puzzle every day. Doctors say exercising the brain can help stave off dementia.

Making the newspaper easier and more enjoyable to read is the kind of high-quality newsprint created by top-of-the-line paper machines such as those made by Voith Paper, Inc., one of the world's leading manufacturers of such machines. In fact, the company creates the machines for the production of one-third of all the world's paper.

Minggu, 07 Februari 2010

American Morality - A Glimmer of Hope on the Horizon

Has the United States lost it’s basic principle of morality? Has the United States moved away from the guiding principles that this country was founded on? In this article, these and other questions will be examined, with the hope that by addressing these issues, we can as a society, move in a direction our founding fathers had envisioned.

Has the United States lost it’s basic principle of morality? Has the United States moved away from the guiding principles that this country was founded on? A single line from the Declaration of Independence describes these basic principles, and it is the meaning of these words which provided the foundation for the formation of the United States:

"We hold these truths to be self evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." - Thomas Jefferson

All Americans are created equal and that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is a right granted to every citizen of the United States. Our founding fathers acquired these principles from their religious beliefs, and regardless of what people may think, the United States was founded on Biblical principles. Our founding fathers did not use certain aspects of the Bible just to satisfy what they wanted in a country. They used the Bible as a whole in order to create an understanding of what the basic rights are for an individual. They concluded that these rights are from God and are given to all individuals.

One of the unalienable rights given by our creator is the right to live our lives.  Our creator placed each individual on this earth for a reason.  Is it not true that other people in the world have that same unalienable right to live and fulfill God's purpose? So, if this is a founding principle for our country, does it not follow that we as a country should help others less fortunate then us? Should not others, who were born in underdeveloped countries, have the same right to life? In this article, I will address some of these questions, with the hope that by examining these issues, we can as a society, move in a direction our founding fathers had envisioned. Americans have lost site of the fact that excess without giving is not really what our founding fathers had in mind. Lets examine some examples which are symbolic of this immorality that currently exists within the American society.

Before presenting this first example, we need to have a clear definition of what morality is. From WordNet, a lexical database for the English language, developed at the Cognitive Science Library at Princeton University, morality is concern with the distinction between good and evil or right and wrong. This first example of immorality may be considered by many as one that does not have anything to do with morality, but if you give it more then cursory thought, you would most likely consider it a morality issue.

This first example has to do with Americans and their relationship with their automobiles. Yes, immorality can be seen at such a insignificant level. More importantly, this example shows the pervasiveness of immorality within the American society. Most Americans, if typical, need an automobile for basic functioning within most areas of the United States. The automobile has become a perfunctory status symbol. Many people within the United States can barely pay their rent or mortgage, but they will shovel out money per month on an automobile they really can not afford. They spend money per month in the form of a car payment or lease, just to have a “nice” car.

The American obsession with the sport utility vehicle is one I still do not understand. One basic argument of the SUV owner is that by driving a SUV, they feel safer. If your driving skill is so poor that you can not avoid poor drivers, try working on your driving skill. This to me makes more sense then driving a tank (SUV) which consumes large quantities of fuel and concomitantly contributes to an increase in fuel demand. This increase in fuel demand drives fuel prices upward. With Americans so reliant upon their automobiles, higher fuel prices mean less extra money in their pocket. Money that could be used to help feed those dying from starvation throughout the world.

The American car companies for many years pushed the SUV on the American public, and now these car companies are suffering the consequences. The thinking as to why these companies offered these vehicles to the American public was that they thought Americans would continue in their mind set that excess is better. The American car companies today are doing poorly as a business. They have continually laid off workers in order to maintain a level of viability. They have been very slow to innovate and the federal government has had to mandate fuel efficiency.  Because of their sluggish response to the need for fuel efficient vehicles, American car companies are now suffering the consequences.  

On the other hand, Toyota and Honda, companies which have put fuel efficient hybrids out into the market place, are now doing very well. Toyota is now the number one car seller in the world.  Toyota and Honda have always placed fuel efficiency as a higher priority. A glimmer of hope lies in the fact that Americans are starting to create the mind set that excess is not good, and frugality is the way of the future. Simply put, driving SUVs is not intelligent.

Driving an SUV when it really is not necessary is an example of overindulgence in the United States.  Granted, there are situations where an individual needs a SUV such as Alaska or any area of the country where road conditions are poor or winters are severe.  Or, there are occasions where material needs to be transported in a SUV because of  it’s increase carrying capacity.  In these cases, there is a legitimate reason to own a SUV because of it’s utilitarian value.  But the majority of SUV owners are not in these situations or extreme conditions frequently enough to warrant owning such a fuel wasting vehicle.  Driving a hybrid is an example of intelligent frugality.  In order to buy a Toyota or Honda hybrid, you will have to be put on a long waiting list.  This is a good sign that Americans are starting to develop the mind set that having less is better and frugality is the way of the future. 

Our society has been through a period of excess and over indulgence but changes, hopefully, are on the horizon. Morality in the form of giving needs to be reincorporated back into our society. It makes more sense to drive a more fuel efficient vehicle, and use some of the saved money to contribute to the world hunger problem. For most morally conscious individuals, this type of sustained and continual activity leads to greater long term happiness.

Giving does not have to be monetary, it can be in other forms, such as giving time or knowledge. This bring us to our next example of morality reduction that has been in existence in the United States. Many parents today are not giving enough time to their children. Children need to be nurtured. A parents wisdom, gained through a life time of experiences, needs to be imparted to their children. Parents need to impart to their children the value of giving and a feeling of concern for others . When I was a child growing up, school shootings where kids are killing teachers and fellow students, was virtually unheard of. Today, school shootings are occurring at an alarming frequency. To me, part of the problem is due to parents not spending enough time with their children. Again it comes down to giving. In this case, it comes down to giving time and knowledge. Parents not giving enough time to their children is another example of morality reduction within our society.

Another example of the immorality prevalent within our society is displayed by the films which come out of Hollywood today. I am sorry to say that most of these films really are to put it bluntly, garbage. Most of these films lack the cerebral quality of the earlier films. From a technical perspective i.e. special effects, they are excellent, but from a cerebral perspective, they are lacking. They are only produced in order to make money for those who are producing them, without any understanding to the implications they may have on society, especially younger people.

Creativity is basically gone from Hollywood and many of the movies coming out today are remakes of successful earlier films. Once and a while a good film will be presented to the American public, but generally speaking most are junk. Most of today’s actors are not really household names. They come and go fairly quickly and lack the staying power of a John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, or Humphrey Bogart. These actors displayed a level of integrity and they new about the personification they were displaying to the American public. They were not perfect, but they did display a higher level of morality.

Is our society spiraling downward into the oblivion of lost hope? I believe not. More and more we are seeing examples which display the positive value of giving. A case in point. Time Magazine finally got it right when they named rock star Bono, and Bill and Melinda Gates as the Persons of the Year for 2005. They were named persons of the year not because of anything that happened at Microsoft and not because Bono is a rock star, they were named persons of the year for their charitable work and activism aimed at reducing global poverty and improving world health. Finally a media organization is recognizing the value of giving.

Another sign of hope that Americans may be moving away from the mind set of excess and non-giving, can be seen in the enormous outpouring of giving monetarily in the wake of the worst hurricane season the United States has had on record. Americans have also given monetarily to the tsunami relief effort. Americans have not been giving readily to the current starving in Africa. In December 2005, the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization issued a warning that nearly 12 million Africans face the immediate threat of famine. Americans have not been giving to the Pakistani earthquake relief efforts.

This lack of giving is not really due to Americans not willing to give, but rather due to the lack of media exposure. CNN would rather spend hours talking about whether President Bush broke the law by wire tapping potential terrorists in the United States, then talk about the important world issues such as the thousands that are dying in the wake of the Pakistan earthquake or the starving in Africa. It is very important that the media expose these type of stories. You can not give if you do not know about the need.

The point is this. Giving on a continuous basis, produces feelings of long term happiness. For this country to get back to it’s moral principles, giving to others in need is one way to move in that direction. Which brings me back to my original point. Americans need to fully get back to the mind set that giving and having less is of greater value then having more. We must move away from trying to produce short term happiness via artificial means.

Artificial symbols such as what type of car you drive, how fancy your clothing is, or how many vacation homes you can acquire should be of less importance to any one who has some substance to them. The next time you find yourself propagating one of these excesses, think of the 24,000 people per day that are dying of hunger. Think about the six million children under the age of five which will die of hunger each year. Think about the downtrodden, the abused, and the tortured. When you think about these things, giving makes more sense. Give what you can and when you can.

Albert Einstein once said “ the value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving.” What many people do not realize is that Albert Einstein was a deeply religious man. He knew that only a God could produce such a complex universe, and that such complexity could not have been produced by random chaotic events. He saw the order in the universe and the relation of the universe with God. He simply did not wear his religion on his sleeve. He also had insights beyond physics in that he realized what truly gives a man a sense of happiness and inner peace.

Einstein had it right in that happiness does not come from what you hold, but really from what you give. No matter what your religious belief, a life time of giving to those less fortunate then yourself, will result in long term happiness. Give it a try. You might be surprised at the feeling it produces. A glimmer of hope is on the horizon. The United States can move back to it’s Biblical principles. But we must all do our part.

Sabtu, 06 Februari 2010

American Academy of Pediatrics Celebrates 75 Years

In 1930, a group of 35 pediatricians who felt that an independent forum was needed to address children's health issues came together in Detroit to form the American Academy of Pediatrics. Today the organization is celebrating its 75th anniversary and boasts 60,000 members.

In 1930, a group of 35 pediatricians who felt that an independent forum was needed to address children's health issues came together in Detroit to form the American Academy of Pediatrics. Today the organization is celebrating its 75th anniversary and boasts 60,000 members.

"The AAP has a direct impact on the future because today's children are tomorrow's leaders," said Dr. Carol Berkowitz, AAP president. "By advocating for and providing the means for children to be emotionally and physically healthy, the AAP is instrumental in ensuring that the future is bright."

Here are some of the most notable advancements the AAP has helped bring about in the past 75 years:

* Increased immunization rates and lower incidence of infectious diseases such as polio, measles, chickenpox and pneumonia;

* Increased folic acid consumption among pregnant women in order to reduce birth defects;

* More than 1 million pediatricians have been trained in the AAP's Neonatal Resuscitation Program;

* More than 350 AAP policy statements have been released, influencing debate on topics such as pediatrician reporting of child abuse (1966); breastfeeding for full-term infants (1978); counseling pregnant teenagers on various options, including abortion (1979); giving mature adoptees access to their birth records (1981); opposing corporal punishment in schools (1984); advertising of contraceptives to teens (1986); use of analgesia during circumcision (1999); restricting TV for children under 2 years old (2001); and eliminating soft drinks in schools (2004).

* The AAP influenced the passage of the "pediatric rule," the 1998 Food and Drug Adminis-tration regulation created to ensure drugs are properly labeled for pediatric use based on scientific studies. As a result, at least 98 studies have improved the safety of medicines for children by identifying proper dosing, safety information and possible side effects.

* In 1992, the AAP advocated laying infants on their backs instead of their stomachs when sleeping, a policy that resulted in a 50 percent reduction in the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome in the United States.

The AAP plans to continue its significant contributions to children's health for the next 75 years and beyond. Its goals include: universal health care coverage for all children; increased efforts to prevent and reduce childhood obesity; expanded education about childhood health issues for parents and pediatricians; greater understanding and research in human genetics; increased efforts to reduce prematurity; and improvements in vaccine efficacy and delivery.

Jumat, 05 Februari 2010

America's Promise Invites Communities Across Country To Come Together For Children And Youth

Last year, America's Promise--The Alliance for Youth and Founding Chairman Colin L. Powell, USA (Ret.) launched the first-ever competition to identify the 100 Best Communities for Young People.

Last year, America's Promise-The Alliance for Youth and Founding Chairman Colin L. Powell, USA (Ret.) launched the first-ever competition to identify the 100 Best Communities for Young People. The goal: to identify counties, cities and towns working to make their communities great places for young people to grow up. Over 1,000 communities took part in the inaugural competition and winners were named from 40 states.

To continue to build upon the success of the competition, America's Promise is conducting a series of five regional 100 Best Forums to provide communities with an opportunity to share how they provide healthy, safe and caring environments that effectively educate young people and help them become productive citizens.

The forums will uncover, recognize and promote best practices by nonprofits, businesses, government, policymakers, educators, and youth and civic leaders. The sessions will also encourage collaboration within communities to see that all young people receive the Five Promises essential to success: caring adults, safe places, a healthy start, an effective education and opportunities to help others. Participants will also be told how their communities can take part in the next 100 Best Communities for Young People competition, slated to begin Fall 2006.

State Farm will serve as the title sponsor for the forums, with additional support provided by the Ford Motor Company Fund and New Century Financial Corporation.

Every community across the country is invited to take part in one of the forums to be held:

&#8226; June 8-9, 2006, in Long Beach, California;

&#8226; July 27-28, 2006, in Providence, Rhode Island;

&#8226; September 14-15, 2006, in Charlotte, North Carolina;

&#8226; September 28-29, 2006, in Indianapolis, Indiana; and

&#8226; October 12-13, 2006, in Denver, Colorado.

In addition to the exciting sessions and workshops, all forum participants will receive a continental breakfast and lunch each day, and attend an evening reception.

Kamis, 04 Februari 2010

America's Housewives Share Their Secrets

Star of television's "Desperate Housewives," Alfre Woodard is sharing some secrets -no, not from Wisteria Lane, but from America's desperate, and not so desperate, housewives.

The Emmy Award-winning actress says that a recent survey by Harris Interactive has uncovered some provocative secrets of real American housewives. "In fact, many of the findings would make great fodder for the storyline on the show," said Woodard. According to the Playtex® Secrets® survey of more than 1,300 married U.S. women, nearly three out of four (72 percent) say they have a deep secret, but more than one in three have not divulged it to anyone.

Nearly half (44 percent) say they've had a secret crush. Surprisingly, nearly half of those women (48 percent) are secretly crushing on someone they work with-a co-worker, colleague or even their boss. Even more revealing, about one in five (21 percent) admit to having secretly admired their husband's friend(s).

Three in 10 married women (29 percent) describe their relationship with their mother-in-law as one of toleration. Shockingly, as many as one in five (20 percent) say they'd love for their husband's mother to move in with them.

About three in five married ladies (61 percent) say they gossip. Among those who do, 31 percent say they tell tales about their boss, co-workers or colleagues, while three in 10 (30 percent) dish about their neighbor(s). More than one in four (28 percent) chit-chat about their in-laws, while one in five (22 percent) talk about their husbands.

The survey was conducted by Playtex® Secrets®, a beautiful and elegant intimate apparel line for full-size women, to highlight the introduction of its new Legacy Lace&#8482; collection. Each style offers such hidden comfort features as breathable Airform fabric.

Each bra incorporates luxurious feminine detailing, such as lace and scalloped edging, features designed to help make women feel confident and beautiful. Sizes range from 36 to 44 C, D and DD. Such fashionable bras could quickly become a woman's best-kept secret weapon.

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5 Great Tips to Decorate Your Modern Home

Today’s contemporary designs replicate the classic modernist use of space, while renewing it with the durability and comfort required by the busy new generation. The modern furniture of these days is designed keeping comfort and warmth in mind that calls you to settle down and unwind.

Today’s contemporary designs replicate the classic modernist use of space, while renewing it with the durability and comfort required by the busy new generation. The modern furniture of these days is designed keeping comfort and warmth in mind that calls you to settle down and unwind. Materials used in this type of furniture such as leather, and excellent upholstery enhance the decor of your living room. From its shapely contours and gentle angles to its fine craftsmanship and modern materials, contemporary furniture generates an ambiance of effortless elegance.

When choosing any furniture for your home it has to reflect your life; a definite understated elegance, with fashionable sensibilities and eternal simplicity. Your furniture should reveal your personality and flair. Contemporary furniture stores offers so many attractive designs and colors that attract many and these people have some piece of contemporary furniture in their home. It may be a modish rug, streamlined sofa or a stylish dining room set, contemporary furniture has turned into a symbol of modern simplicity.

Here are some tips that you can use while decorating your home with elegant contemporary furniture:

•    Neutral colors are the finest choices for modern design. Neutral colors in your bedroom produce a clean and fresh look. They also create the perfect backdrop for a lovely modern painting that will add more charm to your room. Contemporary designs are made with subtle colors to make them completely different from the typical traditional colored rooms.
•    Efficient lighting is important to prevent eyestrain. You may love to work in front of a window; but it is not the appropriate place for a computer. If you can find a L-shape set up, you can turn to face the window while your computer screen will face the wall. Consider a contemporary adjustable lamp, or fix halogen lights or spotlights to the shelf or a wall for correct visibility.
•    In your bedroom, keep the other things to a minimum. Simple nightstands, full-length mirrors, subtle recessed reading lights, a pair of bamboo, wooden or chrome stools, on which you can keep cushions similar to the duvet cover.
•    You can arrange your living room furniture in the method of the American Southwest. A stunning Italian leather sofa in front of an exposed brick fireplace in a subtle brown or red color can change the entire décor of your room. That single piece of contemporary furniture will transform the entire set up of your room and make it more attractive and stylish.
•    While contemporary design, in spite of its influences remains sleek, cool and uncluttered, this should not make your bedroom cold and gloomy. Choose an encrusted look by white and black, or red and black sheets. If you desire a pattern, then again it has to be bold and cool. In a modern bedroom with neutral walls, bright red on a bed will add elegance and warmth to your bedroom. It will also lighten the room, and formulate it more inviting, just the way you want your bedroom to be.