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Laudium and Its Lurid Facts

Laudium is a residential area in Centurion, South Africa, which was proclaimed an Indian township in 1961. Most Indians were forced out of their homes in Pretoria into this new place where some of them built beautiful new homes. As for its former inhabitants, older photographs show remains of circular type dwellings of its former inhabitants, to the west of Laudium. Laudium has 3 extensions which were completed in 1976, 1978 and 1983, respectively. Laudium was initially part of Pretoria but it was incorporated into Centurion in 2000.

The original name for Laudium was Claudius, named after a Claudius Marais de Vries who was the mayor of Pretoria at the time. Laudium has both Hindu and Muslim residents, with a large number of mosques and temples. There are also many recent South Asian Indian and Pakistanis, who moved into South Africa.

Although unusual for a township yet, Laudium is a relatively wealthy area with very large houses and people using luxury cars. It also prides in having successful businessmen, media leaders etc. Laudium is prone to sinkholes that sometimes cause property damage owing to dolomite in the area

There are a variety of restaurants, including Mohideen's, Muchachos, Debonairs, Nandos and Wimpy, as well as some very good shopping centres available here. One hotel is situated across the road from one of the shopping centres.

Due to the fact that the majority of the residents of Laudium are Muslims, all food stores sell halal food, prepared according to Islamic Law. Muslims, Hindus and Christians live in Laudium.

Laudium has a quite a number of government schools. These government schools mostly consist of Indian teachers, most of the pupils in these schools are black and travel daily from black townships. The black township lies directly north of Laudium, and the two areas are separated by a large hill called Kwaggakop.

Laudium Sun newspaper is a free, bi-monthly that serves Laudium. It also has a Muslim-oriented community radio station.

Laudiuminfo gives you a deeper insight into all these facts, history and development of Laudium etc. The website provides extensive information on various aspects about Laudium, which includes News and Events, Religion and Culture, Education and Employment etc. You can learn about the History, Development and Facts about Laudium here.

Apart from this you can also participate in Discussion Boards and Forums with free registration that allows you to discuss on various topics like religion, culture, associations, communities, welfares, groups etc. related to Laudium. At the same time you can also be a part of the Laudium community.

The website contains a Business Directory wherein you can find all information related to the various categories as well as you can list your business for free or advertise your specials with nominal price for a large number of viewer access.

Although community isolation and crime are a major hindrance in the prospect of Laudium’s progress, yet the community is making every effort and working towards the development of the township. Active participation and working together would certainly help Laudium improve and make it a better place to live in.

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