Selasa, 28 Februari 2012

Westerners are looking for Russian brides!

For pretty much time an image of the Russian bride has been in ideal woman for every man. And it's not a simple coinsidence – there are some weighty reasons why Americans and Europeans come to Russia in searching for their love.

Actually it's the prior reason is quite simple - they can find in Russia a better wife than at home! When the westerners say «Russian bride» it usually means «the best woman ever»! So why is it this?

It's a common knowledge that there is a huge community of Americans permanently living in Russia, with their own newspapers and websites – you can check the websites of these American expatriates to make sure in the trustworthiness of my words: Russian brides are looking for a husband abroad for the same reason! They want to meet a life partner that they failed to meet at home. They are not going to take advantage of the men to immigrate. They are want to find their love!

The other reason lies in Russian demographics. The thing is that men to women ratios differ dramatically between the countries. The latest figures from The Economist show that in United Arab Emirates there are about 186 males for 100 females. It’s clear the competition for eligible females should be stiff there. If you are a single male, the Emirates will be the last place in the world to look for an available woman - unless you live there, of course.

So what is the best place for a single guy to search for the soulmate? - The lowest men to women ratios are in Eastern Europe. Countries like Russia and Ukraine are on the top of the list, with only 88 males to 100 females in general, in somу cities there's much more women than men (the simple example is Ivanovo, Russia – it's called the Сity of Brides on this matter). The latest Russian census provided astounding figures of 10 million more women than men.

There the situation is exactly the opposite the one of United Arab Emirates: the single men in Russia (as in the other FSU countries) are more precious than gold. So if you are a single guy, exploring your dating options - Russia would be the perfect option!

The third reason (in this list, not by the importance, of course!) - Russian brides are unique! By their nature, Russian ladies are tender and warm, and at the same time they are diligent, strong and hard-working, especially, when they do something for their family and people they love. As history shows, the Slavonic women are not spoiled with feminism. They are mostly family oriented and traditional, they obtain the knowledge of keeping happy family nest from their grandmothers. Those clever old-ladies teach their grand-daughters how to be kind, loving and caring with their future husband and children. The grannies pass on to their lovely descendants the secrets of cooking, sewing, knitting and house-holding. At the early childhood they start reading Russian national fairy-tales to their granddaughters. And those old and kind tales mostly teach the morals and show the attitude of the Russian beauties to her man.

So if you really want to find a woman of your dreams, a woman that will love you forever – just visit Russia or Ukraine. I'm sure you'll find there the lady you deserve!

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