Rabu, 13 April 2011

Tools and devices to beat police cameras and radar detectors

Since the beginning, law enforcement agencies and offenders have been in a cat and mouse existence. Our modern world has equipped our government troopers with enough electronic gadgets like street cameras, police radas and laser guns to keep track of traffic violators, over speeding motorists and catch them with their pants down. With the development of sophisticated technology, counter measures also plied the market, such as radar detectors, laser jammers and recently license plate cover spray, all designed to evade detection, which renders the job of troopers tough to handle.

What exactly are these devices? You might have noticed that our traffic signal systems have become quite sophisticated. Monitoring road traffic is now handled through the use of powerful computers and aided by street cameras, radar detectors, and laser guns. Should you commit a traffic violation, no officer of the law will accost and give you a traffic ticket. Instead, all of these offenses are recorded and a traffic incursion ticket is directly sent to your address. It becomes doubly difficult to dispute a traffic violation because said violation is electronically stored and detailed in a large database, complete with video cover and time.

A product that has been in use by many car owners is the radar detector. The idea behind this scheme is to provide warning signs once you drive along pertinent government installations like photo radars, red-light cameras and also speed cameras. These installations are good deterrents against those prone to commit road violations, drunk driving or drug related offenses.

For those in the habit of over speeding, the radar detector is no match for the laser guns of police troopers. Once a motorist detects the presence of these electronic gadgets, it detects too late since the laser gun needs only a fraction of a second to record the car’s speed. To evade detection, the radar detector must have a laser jammer to prevent the opposing laser gun from momentarily recording speed; thus, giving the driver time to slow down and cruise within the required speed limit.

Photo radars, red-light cameras and speed cameras are now widely used in major cities across the United States. These systems have become popular nowadays, because it is found to be very useful in tracking down traffic violators. No efficient counter gadget has yet been designed to limit its effectiveness except the license plate cover spray that hinders traffic cameras from reading correctly the violator’s plate number. This is a new, highly advanced technology that actively blocks and bars any system that employs a flash camera from taking a photograph of the license plate. In the absence of concrete evidence, traffic violators will not be charged.

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