Senin, 10 Januari 2011

Hotels rooms or apartments in Kharkov

Everybody knows that the cost is the main thing while choosing one of the variants. In this case hotel rooms are not the best variant, as the cost of the flat for rent in Kharkov is far cheaper. The price for a room in a good hotel expenses for the services that are provided for free. But often you do not even need them: a breakfast, an everyday cleaning, a change of linen, business-center, Internet and other.
Why do you have to pay for the service you do not use? Meanwhile, if you prefer to stay in a cheaper in Kharkov, nobody will guarantee you an caring attitude towards you. The hotels that were built in the Soviet times often bad service. Their employees are of the same age as these. They know nothing about the standards of services and modern ways of booking rooms, checking-in and payments. Reserving rooms in such hotel in Kharkov you take risk of your mood and nerves!
As for daily rent of flats in Kharkov it is surely a great alternative to hotels. Having rented a flat you are free to do want you want. You have at your disposal not only a sleeping room as in a hotel, but also several functional zones, that can be used for having meal, working and receiving guests.
another advantage is that you can receive your guests, when you want to. There are strict rules about receiving guests in any hotel. But in a flat you can do it in your free time.
Definitely the cost of a flat differs depending on the equipment in the flat (fire-place, Jacuzzi and other facilities) but the price will be several times lower than the price of a hotel room of the same level anyway. So the flats took their stable stand on the market of accommodation and became the worthy competitor to the Kharkov hotels rooms.
You may ask in what negative moments you can have while renting an apartment! The main thing is not to become a victim of cheaters who will take your money and would not give you any accomodation. They will just give you a wrong address or the keys that won't fit to the apartment. Do not use any services of any private persons not to fall for the bait. Do not pay them any money before you are in the flat. Use the services of big agencies with good reputation that will give you out all the necessary documents. We hope that your sojourn in Kharkov will be pleasant.

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