Kamis, 12 Agustus 2010

Five Reasons To Site A Vending Machine In Your Business

Should you install vending machines in your company, shop or leisure club? If you’re considering adding a vending machine to your premises, but you’re not sure if it’s the right thing to do, just think about the following:

1. Financial savings

If you’re running a canteen or café in your business, you’re using valuable space, paying full- and part-time staff and buying or leasing equipment and supplies. Many companies, particularly those with multi-site operations simply can’t afford to have a canteen inside every building and make large cost savings by installing vending machines instead. Space can be re-sued for production or additional office areas and staff costs are considerably lower.

2. Time savings

Research by the NOP has suggested that an average sized business with around 50 employees loses around £85,000 per year in hours spent by employees making their own drinks rather than using a vending machine. Installing machines that dispense tea, coffee and other drinks, or snacks and other foodstuffs, reduces the amount of time that staff spend away from their desks, making them more productive for your business.

3. Additional revenue stream

If you use a vending operator, the machine and its contents are the responsibility of that operator; all you have to do is provide the site. In most cases, you will receive a percentage commission of the machine’s takings which give you an additional revenue stream.

4. Customer service

If you operate a retail or leisure outlet, a vending machine could make a real difference to your customers. Fulfilling their needs, whether it’s an energy drink or a quick snack gives you an edge over the competition and may encourage return visits.

5. Easy maintenance

Choose to run your vending machines through a vending operator and you’re choosing a really easy way to provide a service to your employees or customers. The operator is responsible for maintaining and re-filling your vending machines, and for repairing and servicing them during the period of your contract. Your only responsibility is to provide the site and ensure that users don’t mis-use the machine. This allows you to make vended goods available without the maintenance duties that go with them.

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